Sometimes I pray like this: (*closing my eyes as I type so it’s prayer and not […]
Father, thank You for the beautiful snow falling, snow I didn’t even see in the forecast, […]
I have a new friend who is sassy.  She’s also brilliant, sensitive, wise, and discerning, humble […]
“We’re not keeping quiet, not on your life!  Even though on the outside it often looks […]
Remember this? It’s been a while.  I wouldn’t expect you to, but I sure do.  One […]
A couple of weeks ago I was looking in the display at a restaurant at what […]
If you don’t know how much I love feet, scroll down to the bottom of this […]
So, unless you are a mole, living in a hole, you’ve heard of Tim Tebow by […]
“To the Bat Mobile!” – Batman “There’s no need to fear, Under Dog is here!” – […]
Today my mom starts chemo. I wish there was no such thing as cancer, sickness or […]
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