If you don’t know how much I love feet, scroll down to the bottom of this page…I’ll wait…

Okay.  So, let me clarify, because by “love feet” I want to make sure it’s clear which ones I mean:

  • NOT stinky, sweaty, hairy, scaly ones
  • BUT YES to: chewy, teeny, tiny, pink, plump, yummy ones

But seriously, I love the symbolism of feet.  Genetically we were designed to have two.  Whether we all have two or not, and whether they “work” or function as intended, doesn’t disqualify us for the symbolism of feet or not.

You see, you, or someone you know, may have really big feet or small, petite ones, but it’s the footprint you leave that will make the lasting impression. 

Five years ago when Noah died, he had the smallest feet in the family, simply speaking size here.  However, his teeny, tiny, chewy, yummy, sweet little feet left the biggest footprint on my heart.  His little BIG feet caused me to re-evaluate life on many levels and got these size 8’s on the move.  Not just to move around and add chaos to the world, but on the move to start living the way I was intended and Designed to live.

Do I do it right all the time?  Nope.  I’m a student on this earth…

I just met another mom that loves feet.  And by “loves feet” I’m not so sure Chelsea loves them the same way I describe above, but it’s clear she loves the journey and makes the most of her treasured times with her husband and their 3 sons.  And though from reading her blog I can tell she loved them well prior to meeting her most recent little BIG feet, it seems, once again, that a sweet little boy with teeny, tiny, yummy toes has “walked” into her heart and brought about even more joy, life and perspective, through love and heartache.

I was able to meet Trek and his Mommy and Daddy yesterday here in Colorado.  I even got to snuggle her little lover in my arms for a brief moment, trying to give Chelsea a chance to eat her breakfast, but Trek knows his mama and I handed him back into her loving arms.

Trek needs your prayers.  And so do his parents.  And his big brothers.  And their family. 

I have a crush on him, I’m not going to lie.  He is one handsome guy who gave me a few smiles and just reading about how he came into the world and how his life is inspiring others to live, well, you can’t help but get a bit wrapped around his cute little toes.

Trek has a genetic disorder, one they tested Noah for.  His parents are so brave and strong!  They are going to spend his beautiful days here on earth building memories as a family.  As they do, please keep them all in your prayers!

The size of your feet do not matter…it’s the kind of footprints you leave here on earth that make a lasting impression!


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  1. I just came across their blog about 3 days ago from one of my friends who used to live in Maui and knows that family! This is such a small world. I have been reading Noah’s story since he went into the hospital- and for you to post about little Trek today was amazing! His birth story gave me chills!!!! I pray for peace for that family and joy and hope in the midst of this storm..thanks for posting, Ade!!

  2. Amy, seriously, such a small world! And, I truly believe that amidst 6+ billion people, when we can feel so alone or disconnected, God shows His love by blessing us with small worlds! BTW, you are a beautiful bride! Love the pics!


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