Friday Fun

Ryan’s Translation

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Thanks to everyone who tried to translate Ryan’s language! ¬†It was good for me to read through them and have a laugh, for sure ūüôā The girl you’d want to have on hand if it were just you and Ryan alone in a room is….. Karen Hochstedler Congratulations, lady! ¬†You got 16 correct! ¬† Heather […]

a little bit of fun

Some Friday FUN!

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Below you will find a quiz. ¬†It’s a language quiz. ¬†And by “language quiz” I mean, it’s the language of my 2 year old son, Ryan. ¬†A language I am expected to interpret and act upon every day. Let’s be honest, it’s more like a game of MadGab, but I want to remember his sweet […]