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Spain was mucho awesome.  (I will share more later…) I learned many things there and am inspired upon returning home to make some changes, finish some projects, write about some stuff, throw stuff away, and at the same time, I’m overwhelmed at the thought of any of it. There’s this major crash which happens after […]

children of God


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God’s been having me write out some scriptures for myself to study and really chew on, if you will.   For me, writing it down, or typing it, helps get it into my heart more and more.   He’s really put it on my heart to be an intentional pupil of His Word, like basically […]


Girlfriends, part 3

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And then I met them… Women from coast to coast.  Beautiful women with beautiful stories.  And, by “beautiful” I mean, real, candid, authentic, raw, not watered down, genuine, broken, not shattered, but broken wide open to reveal true heart and true grit.  My kind of real.  No sunshine blowing, yet tons of laughter and joy.  […]