SAHM Ships Her Pants in the Big City

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Yesterday I woke up sure I was dying of colon cancer. I actually had all the signs according to the NIH.   The last month has proved to be a loose operation around here…and by “around here” specifically I mean me, my toilet, and I.  Almost a month ago I decided to do a Daniel […]

disappointment with God

If You Ask About a Muffin…

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A couple of weeks ago I was looking in the display at a restaurant at what looked like a scrumptious gluten free blueberry muffin.  Of course I knew I wasn’t going to buy it, one because it’s still laden with sugar whether it’s gluten free or not, and two, because like most baked goods, it […]

allergen friendly

My Ry Guy

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“Mom, another picture?  Seriously?  Can’t a kid get a break from the paparazzi?!” Priceless finger prints on my clean windows Diving into play Crawling in the grassy yard Ry being silly with his hoodie Proud parents on Ryan’s 1st birthday! It’s been a busy Fall.  Em’s enjoying school so much!  She went to camp with […]