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After seeing the size of the envelope holding Emily’s birthday card from her auntie, I said, “Wow Em, what do you think about the size of that card?!” Em said plainly, “She must have a lot to say.”


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  1. Emily seems soooooo much older for her age in the things she says. I think she owe’s being such a mature young lady to her “mom”
    🙂 I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. This is the perfect photo and quote to start your scrapbooking career! {wink!} Love it. And just wanted to share that I’ve been thinking and remembering your family, as I miss my little girl in a special way this month too. The journey of grief never ends. It just takes you new places in thoughts and memories. Happy 5th birthday to Em. My Bella turns 5 of the 25th! They are too smart for their own good at this age sometimes, huh?! =)

  3. LOVE it.
    Also wanted you to know that with the knowledge of a new baby on the way, Jackson has been reflecting a lot on “baby Noah”. He told me a couple of weeks ago that he wants a little brother just like baby Noah. Then last night as we were looking for a parking space in downtown Charlottesville, he said, “Mom, I wonder how baby Noah is doing up in heaven?”. I said, “Well, he’s in heaven, how do you think he’s doing?” and he said, “I bet he’s doing really good.”
    Jackson only saw Noah when he was first born but Noah clearly made a lasting impression on him!

  4. What a cutie! She is so grown up. It seems like it happens over night and all of a sudden they are too smart for their own good! Loved seeing you yesterday! Hope you are having fun in TX and when you get back lets do lunch and take the girls to the pool. Hopefully this time it will be nice and warm for you! 🙂 Love you lots and have fun!

  5. Your blog had me in tears and I don’t even know why.
    You son was so brave; you are all so brave.
    My son Noah is eight months old now and I bless each and every day for him.
    He is my wonderment, my new eyes, my reason for being.
    You all have such dignity.
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thing.

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