I can barely keep up with my brain. Do you blog in your head WAY more than on your blog? I do. Sometimes they sound so eloquent, in my brain that is, and then when I try to type them out, it’s like the cookies a few entries down. Anyway, regarding those, depending on where you live on earth, geographically speaking, sometimes you have to adjust your recipes accordingly. So, even though “JOY” or “Betty C.” made up a recipe ages ago, one that is tried and true, does not mean it is going to work in your kitchen. Well, it occurred to me regarding the ‘smack’ down move with the Toll House recipe (that’s what it is, with regular flavor Crisco-oh so gross to think about) that that move may not work for other CCC recipes.

Okay, so, I’m the chef or baker in the kitchen. I have a recipe in front of me that is written in black and white and ladies in aprons all over the nation have used it day in and day out for years, no problem. Well, I live a mile closer to God, well, the sun, than say, Martha Stewart in Connecticut. Just because she follows a recipe one way doesn’t mean it works for me, the chef, in my altitude kitchen. I have had many a floppy cookie trying to follow the stinking recipe verbatim! By trial and error and asking for HELP, I learned the trick to great triple C’s (Chocolate Chip Cookies)…add more flour and a little more salt. And let’s not forget the ‘smack’. So, if I have to spell it out…God’s the chef in my life and even though I’m used to living according to a tried and true recipe (my will, my way), He’s adjusting my ‘ingredients’ to make a recipe better than my limited mind conceives. He’s even graciously not leaving out the ‘smack’ down step (God loves me, calls me His child, and God disciplines His children…) on the counter of life because He knows about all the batches that didn’t get the ‘smack’ and how much better His version is…

Regarding grief counseling, our assignment last session was to spend the week thinking about ‘What ideas do you have for your child’s clothes, toys, treasures or mementos?’ and ‘What would you like to accomplish during this nine week time period?’ Not ironically AT ALL, we spent the day packing Noah’s room. We have to by November 28th, our closing date, but tomorrow my folks are coming for an extended stay and I wanted them to have their own room while they help me pack. I took tons of pics and will post some of what we did so as to encourage any other people out there that need inspiration, perhaps, that they aren’t the only ones and that they too can get through this step, whenever they are ready…



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  1. Adrienne,

    I just left you a message on 10/8’s blog – I didn’t realize it was so far down.

    Can I ask you a VERY personal question? If it is too personal, I apologize and will understand if you skip over it.

    How have you and Jason stayed so close through this tragedy? I have dear friends that have not been very successful in holding her marriage together during their loss. They pray, they try to connect, they’ve been to counseling and read the books. But their grief has manifested in such very opposite ways, they can’t seem to find each other. I’ve encouraged them to read your blog, but I’m not sure they have. Can you offer any specific advice to help them? What has Jason done that has meant the most to you? What have you done to help him?

    Thank you,

  2. I just re-read my post and it I realized it may have sounded a little judgmental toward my friends. It was not intended to in any way. My heart breaks for them and I desperately want to be of some (any) help to them. But, no matter how much I try, I have no idea what they are going through. I don’t know how the best marriage could survive this kind of loss. I just want to give them the tiniest amount of hope in the darkest possible hour.

    Thank you.

  3. Lisa,
    I will do a post on this soon. I want to pray about it before I share and would like to talk some things over with Jason. Our hearts in writing Noah’s book and keeping this blog is to process so others in life, in grief, in life on earth, are encouraged. Jason just said he has to think about this a while, so stay tuned…I promise we’ll get back to you on this.

  4. Hey sweet sistah–my heart is with you in the process. It’s great that your folks can come help you pack up the house. We are planning a trip out your way in January. I’ll email you.

  5. Thank you for that analogy. I just took an extended weekend away with my husband for the first time in several years. Feeling burnt out in all areas of my life I am reminded of how daily God is daily keeping things out of my control to rely on him more.

    Thanks Ade –

  6. Hmmm…the Lord’s been not only using different ingredients in my life, but also needing to use the “smack” technique! 🙂 Lots of learning going on here, by His grace….

    I will be praying for you on your closing day. We’d appreciate your prayers – we’ll be flying back across the pond on the 28th, set to close on the 30th of Nov. Many blessings to you guys in Christ! ~Jodie R.

  7. Oops…I realize I meant to say that we’ll continue to pray for you in the meantime, and esp. that the close will go smoothly. Sounded more like I’ll pray only on the 28th. Hope you know I’m praying more than that. 😉 ~JR

  8. I didn’t realize that your house sold – that’s great! I hope that everything works well with your moving, closing, etc…we’re on the brink of selling our home which might be exciting.

    I can’t imagine what it felt like to go through Noah’s stuff. I hope that God gives you continual peace and strength.

    I thought of you tonight when I was at school teaching my class and drove by Moyer…:) I remember seeing you in there when you guys lived there and I was a student!

  9. I loved that analogy. I think God needs to do the smack down on me more in certain areas of my life. Glad your parents are able to come and help you. I just read your post about Emily with the computer. Brooklyn is that way too. Craig is amazed that Brooklyn can get onto the Webkinz site and do everything and then shut the computer down. He has a hard time getting on the internet!!! Hee. Hope everything is going well for you guys. Hey, will you e-mail me your new address because I wanted to send Emily a little something for Christmas. Love you guys!!!

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