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What is humanity that God is mindful of us? We’ve wallowed in a broken state of understanding, unknowingly creating a chasm in the wake of what we perceived to be the knowledge of good and evil.

God, up there….us, down here, at a distance. As if separation were ever part of the design, we continue to believe we are less than, unworthy, and God alone is off on His own, on a heavenly throne, uninterested in these lowly, crusty subjects taking up space on earth.

But this is not the story of the birth of the Christ. God is mindful of us because we are, in fact, an expression of God’s unique design, us, made in the image of God.

For God so loved the world that He sent His son…to be born for us.

We are a display of God’s expressive creativity. Seven billion plus facets of a perfect, good, beautiful, extravagant Universe Designer. Yet, we’ve believed we aren’t worthy of this love, even though while creating us, God used the word, “Good.” It’s the original attribute to our name.

Instead we’ve believed in a furious, distant, and disappointed-in-us God, filtered through man’s descriptions of Him, handed down through dogma and fear-based religion. No wonder churches are emptying out and an entire generation could take it or leave it.

But what is fearful about the LOVE of God brought to LIFE in the miraculous womb of a woman, the nourishment she gave, the arms of an expectant mother, and the love and care of a community?

The birth reminds us our first identity is as Children of God. This is the gift of salvation, the gift delivered in the birth of Christ. This is the Good News. It is the heart of God expressed in the humanity of Jesus, declaring to the offspring of man that we are first children of God, born from above.

The GOOD NEWS was always meant to be found in the Birth of the Christ.

God with us. God in us. The shalom of the Christ child message.

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