I am a child of God.
Born from above.
Born-again, not of the desires of mankind, but born of God…
Born my true self, my child-of-God-self.
I have zero shits to give for the approval of others.
God’s fingerprint on me is TRUE.
When God made me, He said, “GOOD.”

My first identity, just like yours, is, “Joy of Creation…”
Designed miraculously, with stories and DNA and divinity all spun into one.
The only permission I need to be fully me is mine alone. No more waiting.
I was already created with permission…God’s…therefore, I am.

Nothing holds me back from flourishing except my limited beliefs…beliefs
Rooted in the boxed-in, fear-based systems of mankind.
My value and worth is not ascribed to me by anyone else.

What’s true about me is: I. Am. GOOD.
Shalom is my foundation. I lack for nothing.
God is for me, there is nothing I can’t do.
Each day is a gift and opportunity to live and breathe as the truest version of me.
And living into that fullness reveals the LOVE of God to the world around me.
So, who am I?
Am I woman?
Am I wife?
Am I mother?
Am I daughter?
Am I a specific orientation, religious affiliation, political ticket holder, leadership title?
These are honorable, sacred responsibilities and roles, but none of them are my first identity…
None of them ascribe to me my value or worth, because any of them could change in a minute.

When all is stripped bare, and we’re standing in the Garden with the One who made us, what is it we were meant to know there?
We’re reminded through the Good News of Christ of our first identities: FORGIVEN. GOOD.
Identities minus the accolades and ego, the convoluted theologies and ideologies of man, the negative self-talk or “other” slander…minus the rigid systems meant to define and control.

This is the Gospel. This is actual GOOD NEWS. It IS freedom in Christ. That we, too, are children of God, co-heirs with Christ…extravagantly loved.

We are called to Kingdom Living. Now. Not one day, after our vessels run out…but today, this day…now.

Therefore, love one another.
It’s why Jesus reiterated the Golden Rule.

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