We’re moving again…
We’ll be in room 313, I think, but I’ll let you know for sure…the reason for the move is there aren’t enough long term kids on our side of the floor, they’re on the other side, so for staffing purposes, we’re moving. It’s been a theme in my life…I’ve moved around 30 times and I’m not even an Air Force kid!

Another change is that the meeting on Tuesday the 28th is at 1:00pm, not 2:00pm anymore. Also, if you were interested in coming to that, will you shoot me an email at adexoxox@gmail.com because the docs had only reserved a room adequate for 20 people, most of which are hospital people and I informed them that we were told we could invite anyone we want, so we’d need a bigger room! They are getting a bigger room since with our family alone we’d exceed the 20 person occupancy. So, we really want ANYONE to come to this meeting if you feel strongly about helping us plead Noah’s care course, just shoot me an email so I can have an estimate. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

    We love you and are continuing to hold you up in prayer.

    Adrienne — hug your mom and dad and Dana for me and give them my love. I miss them a ton!

    P.S., my parents send their love and want you to know they are praying for you all and Noah daily.


    Clint and Robyn (and Asher and Kaitlyn :))

  2. I am thankful for Noah Steven and my own Noah. I am thankful for your perserverance and stamina and energy for finding a way to help Noah. I am thankful that God hears our prayers, sinners though we are, because of Jesus. And to God I ask, for a complete healing for Noah, a proper diagnosis, major headway in the medical field on behalf of all children, and that Noah would come home well, before the new year. One can hope, one can only hope.

    Lots of love and tears, hope and appeals to our Father,
    Mary Robin Gibson

  3. Hope hope hope, I pray hope on you all! Health, health health, I pray health on dear Noah. Peace peace peace, I pray peace on your mother’s heart. Love love love I pray love from the most unlikely places, from nurses, doctors, and other medical community influencers.

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