Here’s an update: With the help of many people, my financial goals have been met in full, and then some!

I am blown away! Thank you so much for praying for me during this journey and supporting me, either financially or by walking with me on training walks or helping with fundraising. If you really wanted to give to our team, there is still time, and my teammates could sure use the help. My account is overflowing, but unfortunately I cannot roll over finances from my account to those of my teammates. I really don’t want to walk alone amongst thousands of people, and they have all been training so diligently, so if you know of someone interested in still giving, send them on over to our team site and click on any other name than mine to give. We are having a huge party fundraiser next Friday night with merchants and a silent auction from 5:30 to 8:30 for anyone who is local and interested, you can email me at .

On Monday my sister and I walked 20 miles. It took us 5 hours. Yeah…that’s a long time. Jason dropped Em off at school so we could be there by 6:00 sharp. Because I almost passed out on one of my previous walks, back at 12 miles or something, and had to literally stop at the Fire Department for water (he looked at me like he thought he should be taking my blood pressure, it was that bad…), I’ve been doing the last few long walks indoors on a treadmill. Since it’s right next to my sister, I have great conversation, great tunes, access to CNN, and books and magazines, so somehow it’s not as boring as you might think.

Anyway, I can’t believe my team is headed to NYC in 3 weeks! My sister and I are going a couple of days early to play in that town, the one that today, was attacked, but I believe made stronger, just 7 years ago. And for everyone in D.C. and Pennsylvania, we remember and continue to pray, as well. We pray because there are so many people left over that will always grieve, children without parents, spouses now widowed, parents with no children, grandchildren, cousins, friends…and not only the victims, but the heroes that day and the days that have followed. And my heart breaks for the children and families of the terrorists, either deceived that their daddies were actually heroes, or grieved knowing the truth and being saddened by their hatred…

The irony of the thought processes of evil is that the Enemy of our hearts truly thinks that in attacking us as: individuals, families, communities, a nation, we would actually stand down and give into his threats or carried out plans. And his attacks come in so many shapes and forms…do you really think it was God’s divine design to have disease run rampant in the earth in the very humans He created and loves? A lot of things happened in the Garden that day…He wasn’t trying to be a big jerk rule maker and prevent Adam and Eve from having fun in the Garden. He was protecting them from the Enemy of their hearts, souls, spirits. Yet, since He’s not a puppeteer, He did not force them to do as He instructed, but did tell them the Truth as their foundation…what happened next was what so many fight for…their right to choose.

It didn’t work with this family, and many others I know, and I don’t believe that it has happened with America, though some have allowed discouragement to set in, and even hatred. That’s the point. That is exactly what satan intends each time he strategically carries out a plan…to harden our hearts toward the God who truly loves us and provides hope for us.

I pray that if your life has been affected by cancer, whether you physically or through someone you know, that you would see it for what it is, a horrible disease, but not God’s hatred or rebuke. And in the midst of your journey, if you would allow God to be present in it, I don’t guarantee you will be physically healed on this earth, but I can guarantee that in Christ, you’ll find a healing you never dreamed possible…

Please pray for these, and so many more…as we walk, we remember and we are humbled to walk in memory and in honor of the following, though we know this list is not limited:
Memory: Noah Steven Graves, unknown
Memory: Steven John Graves, Noah’s Gramps
Memory: Betty Maresh Burkine, pancreatic cancer
Memory: Elizabeth Munns, melanoma

Honor: My Grandpa Lou Vogeli, prostate, currently
Honor Memory: My Uncle Melvin Vogeli, bladder and colon cancer, not treating, died September 11th, just hours after this post…
Honor: Cathrin Osterhus, currently treating breast cancer in Austria,
Memory: Elise Hazel, ovarian cancer
Honor: Aunt Cathy, breast cancer survivor
Honor: Sweet Rita, my neighbor, two time survivor

Honor: Kelli Glascock, survivor
Memory: Maureen Naymie, breast cancer
Honor: Aunt Ruthy, breast cancer survivor
Honor: Dotty, breast cancer survivor
Honor: Emily in Alaska
Honor: Mary in Connecticut
Memory: Cole Ruotsala, with Jesus 9/19/08, adrenocortical carcinoma throughout abdominal cavity,
Memory: Kaden Viera, Primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET)
Memory: Paige Stibgen, Acute Myelogenous Leukemia,
Memory: Rita Marie Spencer, colon
Honor: Dad Secrist, prostate
Honor: Dolores Secrist, multiple myeloma,
Memory: Aunt Sue, breast cancer
Honor: Aunt Sarah, breast cancer, remission
Honor: Dorothy Prunty, 5 yr breast cancer survivor
Honor: Ken Prunty, 14 yr non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor
Memory: John P. O’Neill, liver cancer
Honor: Alicia David, just finished treatments,
Honor: Christie Devitt, breast cancer free, enter ChristieDevitt
Honor: Maureen in Australia, breast cancer
Honor: Liam Fisher, baby, leukemia relapse
Honor: Maggie, baby, leukemia,
Honor: Pat, 16 year breast cancer survivor
Memory: Jerry Hinds, renal cell carcinoma
Memory: Cindy Gipson, cancer throughout her body
Honor: Pat Carl, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, remission
Honor: Cathy Shaffer, breast cancer, remission
Honor: Marcia Newton, breast cancer, in treatment
Honor: Jaymun Kaat, toddler, acute myeloid leukemia,
Memory: Aunt Sue, lung cancer
Honor: The Rye Family SURVIVORS
Memory: Grandma Betty, breast cancer
Memory: Betty’s son, Fred, Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Memory: Grandfather Isaac, prostate and lung cancer
Memory: Great Grandma C.C.H., lung, breast, throughout body
Memory: Grandparents-in-law
Honor: Kristen, brain tumor, in treatment
Memory: Janna, 29, breast cancer
Memory: Grandma Maralda Hafferman, breast/bone
Memory: Great Aunt Ceona, breast
Memory: Uncle Greg Hafferman, carcinoma
Honor: Chris Walls, 9 yr survivor, breast
Honor: Grandma Edna Walls, many yr survivor, breast
Honor: Katie Walls Wegner, at risk
Memory: Dolores Roberts, breast cancer survivor, passed from leukemia
Honor: Heidi Faith, 39, breast cancer, treatments
Honor: Van, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma relapse after 19 yrs
Honor: Phyllis, breast cancer survivor 2 times
Honor: Grandmother Verna, breast & ovarian survivor, 94
Memory: Aunt Elaine, breast cancer
Memory: Richard, leukemia
Memory: Uncle Warren, pancreatic cancer
Honor: Aunt Carol, breast and lung, current
Memory: Eve Parker
Memory: Grandma Edna Hofer, colon cancer
Memory: Uncle Marlo Voeltz, cancer
Memory: Aunt Arlys Hofer, cancer
Memory: Grandpa Richard Johnson, bone cancer
Memory: Rebecca Shoup, ovarian at age 16
Honor: Craig Hilton, current
Honor: John Calvin, leukemia
Honor: Marty Davis, cancer free
Honor: Holly Harkless, promyelocytic leukemia,, type hollyharkless
Honor: Gwen, 14 yr breast cancer survivor
Honor: Philip Pendres, 3, in treatment for leukemia,
Honor: Kaeleigh Beld, rhaboid tumor, current,
Honor: Dora Trujillo, 25 yr breast cancer survivor
Honor: Heidi Kliewer, 10 yr survivor
Honor: Carter Brooks McNabb’s Grandma Vicky Wiley, leukemia survivor,
Honor: Marlyn, lung cancer survivor and breast cancer free for 1 yr
Honor: Sue, lung cancer survivor
Honor: Terry, throat cancer free
Memory: Grandma Mary, lung and skin cancer
Memory: Sharon Caputo, lung cancer
Honor: Judy Franke, multiple myeloma
Honor: Linda Collins, 17 yr ovarian survivor, currently multiple myeloma
Honor: J. Leary, breast cancer survivor
Honor: B. Twyman, breast cancer survivor
Honor: J. Kozlowski, breast cancer survivor
Memory: Billy Neptin, glioblastoma, 52
Honor: Lauren Miller, breast cancer survivor,
Honor: Estreitta Martin de Kluetz, breast cancer survivor
Honor: Darlene, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor
Memory: Grandma Elsie, leukemia
Honor: Aunt Ethel, current lymphoma
Memory: Anna, 3 yr old, neuroblastoma
Honor: Kelley M., breast cancer, current
Memory: Wynne’s Gram
Honor: Arthanise Wright, 38, breast and bone cancer,
Honor: Uncle Jim, lung and brain, inoperable
Memory: Anna Kanavel
Memory: Jessica Cauchi, ovarian cancer
Honor: Phen, cancer survivor
Honor: Principal Lisa, breast cancer survivor, currently lung/liver/brain
Honor: Teacher Tracey, current brain tumor
Memory: Teacher Barbara, breast cancer
Memory: Elaine, brain cancer
Memory: Grandma Stella, lung cancer
Honor: Susan, breast cancer survivor
Honor: Kristi Frazier, 1 yr survivor,
Memory: Jenny Kloth, died Monday, September 8th of this week
Honor: Sarah Null, survivor

Memory: Jeanne Laugero, pancreatic cancer
Memory: Laurie Humphrey, Ovarian cancer
Memory: Janet Swift, Lymphoma
Memory: Steve Peters, Brain Cancer
Memory: Lois Walker, Colon Cancer
Honor: Linda Rathje, breast cancer recurrence
Honor: Sherry Thompson, Brain Cancer, in treatment…



10 Responses

  1. I will be thinking of you as you as in New York this coming week.

    And thanks for putting my families names on your list, Grandma Betty, Uncle Fred and Grandfather Isaac.

  2. THANK YOU for doing this for all those who have fought, are fighting, and have lost their lives to cancer…and thank you for honoring me. You are an awesome woman. I pray for your family each time I read your blog (which is every time you post!)

    Kristi Frazier

    P.S. I will be participating in the Race for the Cure this Sunday…as a survivor. YAY!!!!!

  3. Hooray for all the $$ raised!!! I’d be so scared of the journey I’d not do my part to prepare. You guys walked 20 miles!?!? Will be thinking of you, your calf muscles, and of ALL the good you are doing for Knockers and more!!!!

  4. All those names. . . Ade your so beautiful. Walking for so many. My neigbour’s daughter cried when I told her that she was on your prayer list for New York. I feel so blessed to know you.

    Thank you so much for putting a link to Christian’s site on your page. I am honored that you would do that for me 🙂

    I love you 🙂

    Love to Em and Jason x

  5. Way to go Adrienne. I’m so looking forward to seeing you in NYC soon!

    * * * * * * * * *

    Blessings to all families affected by 9/11 and blessings to all of the families of the people mentioned in this post. Blessings to the thousands of others in our thoughts, hearts and minds as readers view your blog. September 11th is truly a day of remembrance for our country.

  6. Actually Cole Ruotsala’s Dad said he has adrenocortical carcnoma.
    Thanks! Thought you’d like to know that as it is very rare in children.

  7. And…

    Memory, Jeanne Laugero, pancreatic cancer
    Memory, Laurie Humphrey, Ovarian cancer
    Memory, Janet Swift, Lymphoma
    Memory, Steve Peters, Brain Cancer
    Memory, Lois Walker, Colon Cancer

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