Have you ever driven down the same street repeatedly, noticing your favorite houses, buildings, or landmarks each time, and then one day, you see something new? The fact is, the thing you see is not new, you know that full well, but somehow, day after day or year after year, you missed something that someone else, on their daily drive saw each time. And somehow, on their way down the street one day, they are finally aware of the landmark that has caught your eye for years. How could they have missed it, you think…

This scenario reminds me of many things, but especially God’s word. There are many passages of scripture that I have read again and again, becoming almost casually familiar with them…simply expecting the same meaning out of any one particular passage each time I read it. And then it happens, one day I read a passage of scripture and God allows me to see something new or applicable for that season of my life. The thing is, if I hadn’t been reading God’s word, I wouldn’t have noticed it at all…

My point is this: There have been seasons in my life when I read God’s word almost robotically. Other times it’s been something I could not read enough. There have been times when I really didn’t feel like reading the Bible or studying it, but as a discipline, I did read it. As ‘boring’ as that may sound to some, it’s what happened on those daily ‘drives’ that laid the foundation for me to recognize new ‘landmarks’ on the road, so to speak.

So, if this encourages anyone else, keep reading. You may not understand why God is leading you to read specific books in His word or meditate on certain verses, but, in His time, when you least expect it, but most definitely need it, it will penetrate your heart and you will know…you will just know.

Happy reading!



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  1. This happens to me ALL the time…. it is one thing I love soooo much about GOD!! The way HE can speak through HIS Word at just the right time and how HE leads you to read other things…. Just this weekend on my adventure with a youth group at Noah’s Ark… it amazed me how the things we saw, experienced, read, and talked about went right along with where and what the LORD led me to read. I feel sometimes like they are hugs from HIM!
    Thanks for sharing… enjoy the reading and this journey.

  2. So true Adrienne! This has been a much-neglected discipline in my crazy-five-kid-life. But God is so faithful, despite my unfaithfulness. He continues to teach me things from His Word. . .even through praise music lately. I’ve never really been a fan of contemporary Christian music (since I was a kid), but I credit yours and Angie’s (of Audreycaroline blog) sites, with introducing me to a lot of great Christian music with depth.

    Anyway, that was a total tangent, but I agree heartily. God can show up and reveal things to us from His Word, even when we don’t “feel” like being obedient. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this! I can so relate! Please know I am praying for you! I would love to link your blog to mine if that is okay with you???

    Love and prayers,

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