“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

It’s Earth Day. I am in awe of the One who made it, formed it, spoke it, designed it, created it and then decided it was a great place to share with beautiful animals that He thought up, you know, just one day while He was creating the Universe. And then, He was having such a great time, enjoying the beauty of what He had done, He decided He would take a spot of dirt, breathe life into it, and share it with humans…beings made in His very image. And then, He entrusted it into our care. All of it. To enjoy, care for and nurture. It’s still an expectation of His.

I am saddened for people who worship the creation, lower case ‘c’, without knowing the Creator. It’s this masterpiece that we all get to take in, but when you know the Artist, you get to actually learn just a portion of the reasoning behind the “why” He decided to do what He did. We get to know by getting to know Him better. It’s like going to the Louvre and taking in the Mona Lisa, or seeing the ceiling in the Sistene Chapel, or gazing upon the magnificent structure of Notre Dame, but never getting a chance to meet and talk to or interview Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, or Maurice de Sully. I can read history books about these artists but they have no interest in knowing me today, in a personal way, and walking each day of life with me.

I pray that today as we look around at the beauty of God’s creation, whether we know exactly how He did it or not, but just letting the awe and wonder of the fact that He did, soak in, that our hearts will give Him the glory for the beautiful bird that defies gravity, the new life that is making its way up through the Spring ground, the buds that are popping out on trees and plants left and right. The faces of the people that pass us by and the ones that we stare at every day. God made us. He formed us. He is creative. He is bigger than us. And He said it was good.

And in my limited knowledge, I really hope that one day He’ll show us the IMAX of how and why He did it. I have a feeling, though, that many already know the ‘why’…He loves us. All of us. And creation is an expression of His love.




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  1. I’m in awe of the beauty He created. Thank you for sharing your post. I’ve never left a comment but read/check in on your blog daily (honestly, DAILY!)! I think about you and pray for you often! Sending love from the beautiful Black Hills . . .

  2. I came across your blog on MckMama’s blog…words cannot express how sorry I am that your beautiful, precious Noah is not in your arms. I cannot even begin to imagine what you all went through. I have cried over his story and prayed for you and your sweet family. What a testimony to God’s grace. Just wanted you to know. Blessings.

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