Noah’s hand and foot
It’s a little difficult to see, but last Wednesday before Noah was put in the iron lung, we had his foot and hand imprints made in plaster. A family that once had their child at TCH Denver donated 20 years worth of imprint gifts for families. We had to tape Noah’s fingers back because he was so hypotonic, but he managed to curl his two middle fingers regardless, and made the sign for love in ASL, American Sign Language. It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but pretty cool. Thank you, TCH, for such a neat gift for our family. Posted by Picasa



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  1. The Heart is really cool. And you are really beautiful Adrienne. How cool to meet Brooke Shields also. Wow. I hope Noah is doing better today.
    See you soon

  2. Adrienne-
    What a precious keepsake! You will have to write a story about Noah’s courage and keep it for him to read when he gets older! We are still praying for a miracle for you all. Hang in there!

  3. Thinking about you guys!!! Please keep posting Noah stuff so I can check on him while im gone for a month. I will try to come see you before I leave! Im praying hard for you guys…big hugs to you! love, Sara RN

  4. Ade,

    Hang in there. We love you guys so much! I wanted to send over Kim’s numbers since I guess my mom never got them to you…It is Kim and Jeremy Johnson. Their home number is (940)498-0350 and her cell is (940)597-4201. They said it is best if you call after 4:30pm since she will be seeing patients prior to that. PLEASE DO CALL HER. I think it would be great to have her as a resource to talk to. Give everyone hugs and kisses from us.

    Love you!

  5. Ade, I am not sure if my message went through that I just sent. In case it didn’t here is Kim’s number again. (940)498-0350 hm and (940)597-4201 cell. They said it is best to call her after 4:30, because she will be done seeing patients. We love you!


  6. I worked with babies as an R.N. for many years. I feel I was truly blessed to be given the privledge to help doing God’s work in saving their lives. I pray for you guys and little Noah – who is gorgeous – by way. I pray that your family receives the helps and guidance you need in the forthcoming days, in making decisions and that the doctors and nurses provide you with anything that you need. God bless you all. I will check in again soon.

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