Well, not a lot to report…I finished my Lyme protocol on Sunday of this week. I haven’t met with my doc this week yet because I’ve been too busy. I’ll set it up for early next week and see how I test. I have had some interesting manifestations arise. Unfortunately, I’m not perfect, nor have I ever been…as a result, one boy I kissed in high school gave me a ‘gift’ that lasts forever…cold sores…aka…herpes! EWWWWWW! I’m unclean! I’m hideous, look away…Well, I used to get a cold sore on my lip a few times a year. After I had Emily it went dormant basically. Well, maybe two or three weeks ago, my whole right side of my face and head started feeling like my nerves were irritated and tender. My eye ball hurt. My jaw joint, skin to the touch…all of it was so sensitive. It actually still is. And then, the last day I took my homeopathic remedy, out popped a small cold sore on my lip. I was so sad because it meant no smooching my sweet girl or hot husband! Whether this particular medication aggravated it or not, I don’t know, but that’s been one manifestation. Now…the zit between my eyes, the one on the tip of my nose, and the one on the side of my nose, I’d like to blame those on Lyme’s, but it’s probably just really late puberty…I’m quite a site!

Sleep wise, I’m having a lot of insomnia. Diet and exercise have been important. I’ve been limiting my sugar and flour intake, and started working out again on Monday for the first time since the Avon Walk.

Neuro-wise, I’ve had some weird twitches in my back and some arthritic pangs in my toe and wrists, but not regularly. Some short-term memory issues…

Still have swollen glands once in a while in my throat.

Overall I feel okay.

While we were in SD I met with Jason’s brother who is a naturopath (ND) who spent an hour and a half with me trying to get an overall picture of my health. He’s writing up a plan for me, but I don’t have it yet…

I’ll update once I meet with Dr. Julie next week…
(just wanted to write while I still remembered this…)



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  1. I am sorry you are still having lyme issues. If the pimples you are getting seem to be hard and lumpy with no acne activity they could be a manifestation of Bartonella or just the lyme trying to detox from your body. I pray the facial pain you are experiencing goes away soon and the lil bugger of a cold sore so you can smooch your sweeties again! Please keep us posted to your progress as I am on year 3 of my lyme treatment……feeling great but not 100%! Prayers and peace to you and your family!!!

  2. I’d love to hear updates about the Naturopath. I’m considering going this route for myself and my children… Hope you are feeling better!

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