I met Jason on Halloween night eighteen years ago…I’ve known him now half my life. I think that’s pretty cool!
Anyway, presenting…Sacajawea and her cousin, Rico Suave!

Em loves native American girls. She really had fun dressing like Sacajawea. She was pretty cute!

Before the black hairspray…

Here she is looking for Lewis and Clark…where did they run off to?

Xavy the polyester 70’s guy…

The horrendous hairspraying process


Super cute cousins

That 70’s guy let us ride in his 70’s machine…swanky

The weirdest part was seeing Em as a brunette…which will probably happen one day, but just kinda weird. Hope you all played safely and had fun! Tomorrow is November!



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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! IS IT JUST ME OR DOES EM LOOK JUST LIKE HER AUNTIE IN THE LAST PICTURE? WOW! The brunetteness really does it… woh… (oh yes -and she and cousin are super cute!)

  2. Em looked so cute in her costume! I bet she adored you for letting her complete her Sacajawea look with the black hairspray. 😉 Very fun costume!

  3. Fun!!! She looks adorable. Is that Kaya, the American Girl, she’s holding? Nana bought that one for Anna (my oldest) when she was about Em’s age. I highly recommend the Kaya books too, if she’s into Native American stuff (if you haven’t already gotten to them).

  4. Her costume looks great and that pouch she is carrying, wow, someone really cool must have made that with her 🙂 She looks great, can’t wait to have you guys home.

  5. Ade,

    These photo’s are so beautiful. Your daughter is growing up to be such a beauty. What gorgeous skin she has. I know that this was a fun post but seriously Emily’s bright heart shines through more and more in each photo I see of her.

    Where is the place where she is sitting on the balcony? Is this her Nana’s place. I just wanted to come and sit there 🙁 It really looks like the perfect place for me to be at the moment.

    Thank you for the gorgeous photo’s, that 70’s guy made me laugh!

    Much love to you across the world

    Carly x

  6. I love her costume! It looks great! Also wanted to thank you for sharing the “talks” you’ve been having with her lately. I’m a long way off from having to address these topics (I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old), but I appreciate your openness so that I can learn some great tips for whem my time comes. I also want to applaud you for how great a job you’re doing and how serious you’re taking it!

  7. Hi Ade, Been a while and I’m here catching up on posts. Em is so cute!! Can I ask a genuine question of you (hmmm, I am going to so hope it’s Ok?) Being an Aussie we don’t really do Halloween but I do wonder how it sits with you given the pagan origins? Given it’s not part of our culture it’s easy for me to keep it that way as I don’t feel comfortable with what it represents. Obviously you guys are OK with it and I’d love to know more about that. It’s one of the cultural questions I have and I know you give honest answers, so I hope you don’t mind me asking…

  8. She’s so cute! And..actually makes me think of me when I was little! 🙂 Your post also reminded me of doing this sort of things with my mum. They are the best memories!


  9. Ade,
    You are never going to believe this…but actually maybe you will! Chris is trying to win that exACT 70’S rv ON EBAY RIGHT NOW! HE LOVES IT! and we went with 70’s rv theme for halloween this year with that in mind! im not jokin!~ i cant believe that is in your post…hahahaahaha

  10. It was so fun seeing her Friday night!!! She didn’t really remember me but had no problem standing there chatting with me. It was good to see you and be able to give you a super huge hug!!! Maybe next time you are in town…..we can do Guad’s!!! Hope you had a safe trip home and until next time….at least we have facebook and email!!!

  11. I seriously thought it was a wig at first! What a cute costume! I had a gladiator and a secret service agent at my house……so much fun!

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