31 Days

In the next 31 Days I am going to write, totally unfiltered, stuff I want to get off my chest, essentially, my heart and guts on anything and everything that comes to mind each morning, or afternoon, or whenever, as I sit at the keys. This is a challenge I’ve chosen to do to stretch myself as a writer and blogger, but just the idea of it is already stretching me as a person. It’s scary to write things. Gradually this page will fill up with 31 posts you’ll be able to access easily if you miss something or want to go back and chew on a topic or even share with a friend.

Please come back, in spite of offense or differing of opinions. In the event you are moved one way or another and feel led to contribute a comment, keep in mind, my underlying perspective I lend to anything I post is to simply try to see two sides to any story. It doesn’t mean we have to agree. It can mean we agree to disagree. There is a lot of love and respect in such a space.

On the “Home” page there is a little box where you can enter your email and subscribe to the posts so they come to your inbox each day. Thank you, in advance, for spending time here reading ANYTHING! My love language is TIME and I know how precious yours is to have set some aside to spend here. I truly pray it encourages you to wrestle and also be still as you allow yourself to explore just how very big God is and how very much He is in love with us!


31 Days Unfiltered: Stuff I Need to Get Off My Chest

If you click on the button below I’ve linked to the main website where tons of people have gathered for the challenge. You guys, there are some great categories out there and great people writing great content. I’d encourage you to head on over and discover some new places on the Internet.

31 Days Unfiltered: Stuff I Need to Get Off My Chest

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*Topics may include, but are not limited to: politics in America, “American Christianity”, the Church, abortion and PP, feminism, vaccinations, health and wellness, fear, terrorism, authenticity, de-cluttering your life, butternut squash soup and other fall recipes, how I think Kid-President should actually be president, talking to teenagers, refugees, peacemaking, war, old people and aging, death, the perfect storm of why everyone’s sick and dying, the only thing that matters in the whole wide world, how Noah’s death without a diagnosis left me without a “cause” (sorta), a colonic for the soul, why being mean is mean, Native Americans and racism, women in ministry, collaboration, and some other stuff…for starters…

Day 1: Stuff I Need to Get Off My Chest, start here.

Day 2: Here Goes Nothing…

Day 3: Saturday Fun with Ryan

Day 4: Empathy: A Noun?

Day 5: What Imprisons You?

Day 6: Today I Woke Up Lonely

Day 7: Right Before You Choke and Die

Day 8: A Short Series: My Personal Opinions

Day 9: What Really “Killed” Adam and Eve in the Garden?

Day 10: (I wrote today…then I posted it…then I took it back down and edited it…and so, technically I wrote, but there isn’t an individual post. Day 11 is the final product.)

Day 11: Peacemaking: A Lifestyle of Bridge Building

Day 12: When You Meet a Blogger in Real Life

Day 13: The Day I Fell In Love With My First Rock Band

Day 14: That Time I Got Botox In My Forehead Because I Thought My Thighs Were Fat

Day 15: Have You Ever Felt Labeled?

Day 16: I didn’t write this day…cuz I can’t remember why…

Day 17: For The Love: JUST WRITE!

Day 18: Not sure where this post is…

Day 19: Some Lies Die Hard: Brain Re-Train

Day 20: In Which I Tread Into Politics

Day 21: Dream a Little…If You Could Do ANYTHING!

Day 22: An Interview With My Husband

Day 23: Huh…

Day 24: Viva Mexico! 

Day 25: Huh…

Day 26: Heavy Lifting

Day 27: Life Interrupted

Day 28: “For I Know The Plans I Have For You…”

Day 29: Nada

Day 30: When Marriage Requires Confession

Day 31: It’s Not Me…It’s You

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