God's love

God’s a gentleman…

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…it’s only when we are stubborn that He allows us to feel the consequences of our choices… For anyone who thinks that God is a big meanie, exposing things in our lives that we’d rather have hidden, this has been on my heart and I really want to talk about it…we’ve all seen it on […]


Offensive, maybe, but not apologetic…

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So, I’ve wanted to post something along these lines for quite some time. It’s something that weighs on my heart for more than one reason. I blogged it in my head last Friday as I walked, bawling, sinuses filling, not really able to take deep breaths as one should while walking up hills. I wish […]


Just another sinus Sunday…

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I finally chose not to wear eye makeup to church yesterday. You’d think I had learned a long time ago…I was just too sad to attempt application. At least I cleared out my sinuses…You know that book about the kid with the “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”? Well, that’s how yesterday started, and […]