Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to counseling. If you didn’t raise your hand, it’s […]
  I can’t sleep. I’m not sure if it’s the hormone expressions of a 46 year […]
(*This post is an unabridged version of a comment I left on someone’s repost of some […]
Let’s say that one more time, not for shock value, but for the sake of truth […]
(*I’m not a celebrity stalker, but the death of Robin Williams so close to my Mom’s […]
Sometimes I pray like this: (*closing my eyes as I type so it’s prayer and not […]
First I want to begin with many thanks! We know people are praying for us and […]
We’ve read the account of Creation to our kids many times.  Our oldest is in 6th […]
When I was in elementary school I went to the mall with my friend and her […]
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