Lessons from Spain (and other European countries): Ministry Happens in a Bar

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I have a new friend who is sassy.  She’s also brilliant, sensitive, wise, and discerning, humble and modest, and a fantastic listener.  She is British, 100%, as in, her parents are English, she was born in England, and so that makes her an Englishwoman.  Ryan kisses the back of her hand every time he sees […]

More "Lessons from Spain"

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I tell you what…if finding out I was pregnant after a trip to Spain was a way to learn things such as, the sky is the limit, throw caution to the wind, live life to the fullest, OR, say, the opposite, like, be careful, look both ways when crossing the street, always bring an umbrella, […]

Lessons from Spain: Beauty is Freedom

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…and Freedom is Beautiful. When I recommend articles on Facebook or Twitter or here on my blog, due to the nature of life and the Internet, I don’t always know the author personally, may not know their tone of voice in writing or if I’d even invite them to dinner…but a nugget here or truth […]

Lessons from Spain: Life is a Celebration

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One might think all the planning which may go into a two week, second honeymoon, 20th wedding anniversary vacation would solely entail where to eat, play, and relax.  And truly, one would be correct in such thinking.  Sure, “What should I wear?” directed some of the planning, a little more than necessary and looking back […]