Remember when Mr. Favorite Doctor said that for years women have walked miles to town with lots of kids in tow? He said he approved of my doing the Bolder Boulder 10k, so, since I have the docs permission, I’m biting the bullet and will be walking the streets of beautiful Boulder, Colorado with another friend, Margaret, from church.

The walk may resemble a waddle, but by golly, I believe I can do it!

So, that is what the new little donation logo is on the top left of my blog…a chance for anyone else to jump on board and help dig wells for women and their families in Haiti through Living Water International.

I won’t rewrite everything I wrote on my fund-raising page here or my heart behind digging wells in the first place. I’ll let you journey over that way and see for yourself.

The reality that 2.2 million people die a year from diarrhea disease related illness due to unclean water is not only astonishing but absolutely preventable. We can do something about it!

Imagine if you turned on your faucet to fill a glass of water…
Your child has just run in the back yard from playing outside, red faced and sweating…
You hand your child a murky, dirty, disease infested glass of drinking water…
Your child chugs it down and turns to head back outside to play…

I imagine none of us would feel okay about that scenario...unless that’s the only water we had to give…



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