And by, “I’m back!” maybe what I mean is, “I’m gone!” And thank God for that!

Can you even imagine, after losing your child, allowing yourself to go to a place of complacency?

Yeah, well, I can. Because sometimes it’s okay to find comfort in the ordinary…

At first I never thought I could, but being strong 24/7 isn’t necessarily how I was Creatively designed.

I was meant to l e a n. We were all meant to l e a n.

I mean, I know that, but after Noah died, I was at my boldest. I was going to conquer the world, right? Never take one day for granted…live life to the fullest…take life by the horns…

Exhausting. That’s what it is! And I crashed. And I burned.

(Insert high pitched jet engine sound careening toward earth at mega-speed, crashing, burning, explosives, lots of dust…shrapnel, etc.)

While I was down I was kicked, even spat on, but, baby, I’m back!

I’m picking myself up.

I’m wiping off the dust.

What was it that gave my toosh the extra push over the fence of complacency?

I can’t tell you right now. I will tell you, but I am not quite ready…

What I will tell you is BOLD ain’t seen nothing yet! I am SO not concerned with any one’s opinion of me or how I conduct my life…I will continue to walk up to strangers and ask them their story. I will continue to tell people about God’s amazing love for them whether they believe it or not…because it’s true, whether anyone believes it! I am not concerned about being politically or religiously correct. I will write whatever the heck my heart tells me to write here. I will laugh. I will cry. I will stop. I will listen. I will fight!

And guess what else? I’m going to be doing a whole lotta walking. Walking for a reason. Walking for love and raising awareness. And heck, my legs might just get in shape in the meantime!

Life is short.

It’s meant to be lived here on earth fully and with a purpose, with love and the people we love.

It’s more than okay to rest, but resting places are for a time, and baby, I’m done relaxing!

I’m off the fence.

And baby, I’m on the road to kicking some serious ass!

It’s good to be back!



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