I’m just trying to save some money here, people:

Em, screaming at the top of her lungs from the bathroom as if a creature had come up from the sewer and was attacking her: Mom! MOMMMMMMMM! COME HERE, FAST! Hurry, have you seen this?!

Me, in the other room, thinking my child is drowning in the toilet from the tone of her voice: What is it Em? I’m coming…


Me: I bought that sweetie, not Tonja (Em’s auntie). I’m trying to save money and be a good steward of our finances, so I bought cheaper toilet paper. I saved almost $10!

Em: Well, it’s scratchy! You can see through it! Please don’t buy it again…

Later, at the grocery store

Jason: Apples are 10 lbs for $10.

Me: I only buy organic apples. Regular apples are laden with pesticides.

Jason: I’d rather you buy the nice toilet paper than organic apples…

Me: Let me get this clear…you’d rather rub soft tp on your buns that put good things in your body?

Me: NO. (Because my mouth takes precedence over my arse any day…)

Apparently my family is trying to send me a message? Apparently they aren’t getting mine…when you get rid of your second car and save almost $10 on toilet paper, it seems pretty clear…we are in an economic crisis (God bless America)…and yes, that means no more “Cottonelle” Aloe Plus! It’s scratchy, but there are worse things in this world…don’t get me started! 🙂



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  1. I went to a Going Green class at church the other day and the lady said that the cheapest toilet paper is the best for the environment because it degrades the fastest. Another bonus!

  2. i don’t know ad, i think i’m with your family, BIG time here:0) remember what goes in your mouth usually has to come out somewhere….i’m just saying.

  3. Clip coupons & go to Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid (or whatever pharmacy chain you have on CO)… I never spend regular price for toilet paper (or anything).
    Another place to look is Costco..

    Seriously though go through the Sunday paper for the ads (ask people you know who won’t use them for their coupons (my grandma & parents give me theirs because they don’t have the time)) This week at CVS I bought a Venus Embrace razor for $2 (it was on sale, I had a copuon and CVS had a $4 register reward with purchase), I also bought a 8 pack of bounty paper towel for only $4.00 (coupon & on sale).

    There are a lot of message boards out there that will tell you how coupons work in your area, and where/what the good deals are that week… who knows perhaps you live in a location that allows Double coupons.

    I find saving money on groceries, toilet paper or whatever to be almost game like… the store I shop at (Meijer) tells you how much you save on the top of the reciept… It is always fun to try to save more then I spend.

    I agree that we should all be good stewards with our $, with the ammount of $ I save at the grocery store on food for my family… I have the ability to buy food for other families as well as ocasionally buying extra bags of pet food to drop off at the animal shelter.

  4. Tell them that you’ll just give dollar bills to wipe with and they can flush ’em right down the toilet! hahaha

    I have had this conversation before!

  5. I gotta say, I’m with your family on the toilet paper…so I like several of the suggestions below…coupons galore and I think target brand is worth a try. I’ve always liked their paper towels so we’ll give their TP a try too. This post makes me realize I have need to get more coupon savy!

  6. Will you still be my friend if I side with Jason and Emily on this one? 😉 I still buy the good toilet paper but I always use coupons! And I second the people who recommend Target or Costco, etc.

  7. Yikes!! I love 2-ply hiney wipe and haven’t even thought that with my husband’s job loss I will have to give that up. I’m going to have to get with the coupon program because I just don’t think I can sacrifice on the Cotonelle!

  8. Geez, there is no way my kid would have ever even noticed a different toilet paper!

    I’m not going to side with Jason, but at least the man is voicing a preference for T.P. No skid marks in that boy’s underwear! 🙂

    There is an article in the newest issue of Glamour that talks about organic apples being one of the five most important organic foods for women to purchase eat (the others include lettuce, beef, dairy and marinara sauce. Bonus “food” is organic wine.).

    So you win!

  9. I was at Target yesterday and remembered the comments I had read about Target brand TP….bought myself a 12 pack and am now a new convert!

    Thank you to the “Anonymous” comments!

  10. Heheheehhehehehe-I am laughing sooo hard over here!!! I have had THE SAME conversation with my boys….Who knew tp would be SUCH a huge deal??lol

    So, hurry and come visit Texas so I can take ya’lls portraits!!!!

    God Bless,

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