In the year 2006, the year Noah was admitted to the hospital, the Mayo Clinic put out a statement that said, 
“97% of all diseases are caused by a viral or bacterial infection in the body at some point.”  
Keep this in mind as you read this post…

Alright, that’s it!

I’ve seriously had it and don’t feel like staying silent any longer.

My disclaimer is I am not a scientist or biologist or biophysicist, so take it or leave it.

I have researched the world of viruses and bacteria now for almost 6 years.  When your kid dies of “unknown causes” but Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) antigens (Lyme’s Disease) were found in his blood and yours…not to mention dozens of mice died at the CDC as a result of being injected with your son’s stool,  well, let’s just say, your former life of caring about what’s going on in Hollywood is shadowed by your secret love of research and the world of biology.  Geeky, I know.  But I eat it up!

I’m not a conspiracy theorist like some out there who think the FDA and CDC are out to kill everyone, or make millions off “creating” or releasing diseases for which, they in turn, design a drug to kill it off, and make even more billions.  That’s not my gig.  Entertaining movies.  Whether it’s true or not, life’s too short to waste my time wondering if Big Brother is Satan or not.

And, I do not think everyone and their dog has Lyme’s disease, though a lot more people do than they realize.  But Bb, (a spirochete) or the spiral shaped organism inside of a tick, biting fly, spider or mosquito, (not just ticks, people) which passes to a victim, whether it be an animal or human being, is only ONE OF OVER 300 spirochetes researchers have discovered, each of them contributing conditions and symptoms which either present or mimic an already existing disease, thus, why we have a plethora of misdiagnoses in the world today.  (This will have to be a chapter in my book…)

This only scratches the surface of why I’m worked up today, but a friend posted this on Facebook.

One, this isn’t the 80’s.  It’s not “Forrest Gump,” people.  Everyone in Africa does not have AIDS just like everyone in Russia or Ireland is not an alcoholic.  Just like every Italian guy in America isn’t in the Mafia.  Just like everyone in Asia doesn’t have Bird Flu.  Just like every person south of America’s borders does not have Tuberculosis.  Just like every citizen of Connecticut does not have Lyme’s Disease.  Just like every person in San Francisco isn’t gay.  Just like every woman in Texas isn’t a “Good Christian Bitch.”  Just like everyone who attends church isn’t righteous.  Just like every homeless person isn’t unfit for society.  Just like all Right Wing Republicans aren’t crazy…just like all Left Wing Liberals aren’t crazy.  Just like…just like…

Just like every other ignorant stereotype that causes fear to rise up in people, often truly crippling people to the point of disease and disability, incapable of living this life to the fullest, because they are paranoid and gripped by fear.

Fear because of only knowing some of the truth, though believing they know it all.

We have friends who adopted twins from Uganda.  They were born HIV+.  They are flourishing now in the US because they have a loving family, balanced diet, and access to great medications.  And their numbers are undetectable.  If we lived in the same part of the country, you better bet your ass we’d have them over for barbecues and birthday parties and slumber parties, and I’d be devouring those sweet babies with smooches like crazy!

But guess what?!  They aren’t, “My friend’s kids with HIV.”  They are my friend’s kids.  They have names.  They are created by God just like you and I.  They aren’t even defined by being adopted.  They are my friend’s kids.  She doesn’t have “biological kids” and “adoptive kids” she has KIDS!

If Noah had lived outside the hospital in the state he was in when we removed him from life support, would he have been defined as “that kid on life support” or would he have been Noah?

To be UNinvited to a party because a person is HIV+ is probably a blessing because, though the bloggers heart is to love those people still, it’s more of a lesson in knowing who your true friends are.  And knowing who your true friends are in this life is one of the greatest gifts of all…

It’s also a lesson in the reality that some people get their facts from forwarded emails that have been forwarded and forwarded and forwarded without ever going to the source and learning for themselves.  Regurgitated puke.  Lovely.  Not facts.  Fear.

Here is how HIV is spread.  

UNinvitations are how hatred is spread.

Here is how LOVE is spread.



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    • Thanks, friend. It was inspired by Teresa Arnold who posted the “UNinvited” post on Facebook. Love you guys! Praying for your kid! And you, too, as the mama in all of it 😉 xoxox

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