I read this quote today and it is something I want to share here…

“A visible God would have lots of superficial followers.” Chris Tiegreen

Faith is hard. It’s hardcore and it’s uncomfortable! I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t follow God if, at the moment each of us died physically, our bodies either floated peacefully to Heaven or went straight to hell? It would be the easiest decision Eh-ver! Instead, at times we feel a need to defend God or His existence. And, at other times, we try to convince ourselves.

“Okay, God, I know You are real. Wanna just throw me a bone though, just to make sure I’m on the right track?” or “God, I don’t think You really exist. I think you are a figment of a bunch of whacko’s imaginations and I don’t want any part in it…” (Oh really, then why are you ‘thinking’ to God in your head? Just throwing that out there…)

Each and EVERY ONE of us has been hand crafted by the Creator of the Universe, God Himself. We weren’t manufactured in an abandoned/bankrupt automobile factory or even designed by a computer engineer. And technically speaking, even scientifically, we weren’t just instantly human. God literally made us from dirt! We were dirt! Without His life breathed into us, that is how we would have remained. Sometimes we still may feel like dirt, but we were loved enough to be so much more!

I love, love, love that quote by this guy!

It takes something from us to actually have faith. It takes surrender, I am finding. It takes a willingness to admit I’m not the smartest person in the world. It takes effort on our parts to say we are wrong, that we don’t have all the answers, and maybe, just maybe, God, who we can’t see and who doesn’t work or do things the way we necessarily would, is good, loves us, and sees a bigger picture. And, in my opinion, by admitting that, you are more wise than all the philosophers and theologians and scholars in the the world…Because, of course, He’s smarter than them…

If He were on, say, American Idol, He may have likely had the best voice, but I’m thinking a lot of people would have voted Him off because He just doesn’t ‘have the look’, ‘fit the mold’, ‘have great stage presence’, according to OUR standards. Jesus didn’t do flashy miracles all the time and He didn’t fit into the mold of what the people were expecting. He definitely did miracles, but not for esteem or to draw attention to Himself, but to point people to His Father and to show His love. An ‘out of sight’ Dad, but not out of touch. Very much IN TOUCH, hence, sending Jesus and all!

Superficial means: of, relating to, or located near a surface; lying on, not penetrating below, or affecting only the surface; concerned only with the obvious or apparent; shallow; seen on the surface; external; presenting only an appearance without substance or significance

In order to know God, in order to have faith, in order to gain a perspective in life that is so much more than what we can tangibly see and feel, we have to dig deeper, get below the surface, because, really, God doesn’t show Himself physically a whole heck of a lot. We don’t dig deeper by setting up more rules on proper behavior and good works. We don’t dig deeper by doing everything right and always saying the right things. Actually, thank God that when He instructed us on what is required and how much faith it takes to follow Him, it was only the size of a mustard seed. Whew! I’ve got that!

Now, I’m off to follow and trust and live for my unseen GOD! Deeply, truly, below the surface, where roots can spread and growth takes place…


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  1. Great couple of blogs! You have a wonderful way of putting thoughts I have had into words able to be understood! It amazes me how small a mustard seed is…and with even that little bit of faith, we are able to do great things.

    Love the mustard seed photo!

  2. As always, I appreciate your thoughts-thanks for sharing them with the rest of us. We are fortunate to serve a God who actively moves in our hearts-a subtle yet powerful way to get our attention. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog today..still finding my way around blogland….I always love making new friends..I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by. Commenting automatically puts you in the drawing for the June giveaway.

  4. Great post! I can do that-have faith the size of a mustard seed! Blessings on The Well! I live in the Springs, so not too far from where you will be recording. I followed your blog/journey a number of months ago and then had to cut back because our family has been getting ready for a medical missions trip to Swaziland and I really needed to cut back with blog reading time to spend more time with God and get passports, immunizations, paperwork, done. I was told I had lyme disease (I know you have had some experience with this) and a viral infection that attacked me neurologically a couple years ago and it literally flattened me and I was laid so low that I had to surrender ALL to God. Toughest thing in the world, to be that physically, spiritually, and emotionally broken, yet trusting God to heal me one day at a time. Well, two years later now, God continues to heal me and now our family is following God’s leading to go to Swaziland. So, when we return I will most certainly check out The Well. It sounds amazing! Blessings and prayers sent your way tonight!

  5. Hi Adrienne! It’s Lynnette(Pedlar)Thompson I was in Moyer 97-98 I recently got in touch with MckMama because I knew she had gone to NWC and when she wrote me back it got me thinking about NWC days and I was looking thru one of my yearbooks and thought about you and then I see your name on MckMama’s blog yesterday and I thought that had to be a God thing!! I have been reading a lot of your blog yesterday and today and can only say that I admire your faith and the way you put it into words means a lot. Well just wanted to say what a small world we live in and hello from Texas. In Christ!

  6. I’m so here right now. I feel God calling me deeper. It’s painful, scary, but my mustard seed of faith knows it’s worth it. He’s asking me how deep are you willing to go? I am afraid to answer.

  7. Beautiful post on faith–“the evidence of things unseen, the substance of things hoped for”. It is such a powerful testimony to hear from someone who has lost and who has remained so full of peace and faith.

    I pray God continues to strengthen you!!

  8. I just blogged a lengthy post about faith and then came here to read this. I thank God that He is working and moving. All the time!

  9. I liked the Jesus on American Idol part. Jesus is the geeky, earnest kid. Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Phil, etc. are the cool kids. They’ve got glossy best sellers, pricey seminars and Oprah appearances. Jesus just has his dusty old parables.

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