I must confess…I met someone.

Well, he found me, or at least found his way into my heart. We haven’t ever met and now we won’t until I die. His name is Kaden Vierra and he moved into his new permanent home in Heaven today at 10:58 a.m. Kaden was 2 1/2 years old. His mommy, daddy, big brother, and big sisters, along with family, friends, and lots of cyber friends, will miss him. Please pray for his family. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kadenvierra

There’s this weird phenomenon in cyber world…you meet people emotionally that you may never meet physically. You feel to some degree what they feel and even cry or laugh with them, never knowing them face to face. I know you know what I am talking about, many of “you”, because you are here reading my ramblings, the rantings and ramblings of a mom of a little boy who made his way into your hearts.

Well, in a way, I think cyber world is an example of how the Body of Christ is supposed to be connected. We can come together in prayer, on our faces before God, seeking His will and healing for people we have never met. Kaden’s life drew people to their knees before God. I know Noah’s did, as well. There are many babies, born and unborn, toddlers, children, regardless of age, who have allowed their lives to reflect God’s goodness and mercy. Many people might ask “How is the death of a child good?” but I ask “How has your life, all these years, reflected God?” Some of the mightiest men and women of God are less than 3 feet tall. I know there are taller ones, but regardless of the number of our days, no, not our days, but the days given us, perhaps months or even years, are we aspiring for mediocre or truly glorious?

I just can’t live life thinking it’s for nothing! God is real, Heaven is His home, and He made a way for ANYONE to live there through His gracious gift of Christ’s death on the cross. That’s what Easter’s about…but that’s another post.

Happy eternity, Kaden, I’ll miss your updates, Monkeyboy! Say “HI” to Noah for me. Ade, xoxox



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  1. A friend of mine gave me your blog address months ago. I have a pretty slow job so I went all the way back to when Baby Noah was born and read from there. it’s like you said, you kinda feel attached. I sat here at work and cried and cried all day. I am sure people who walked by my desk thought I was insane. I have an 8 month old daugher born on July 4, 2007. You truely are an inspiration and I will continue to check in : )

  2. Every day something significant happens to someone…… after I read your latest entry, I thought back, what was I doing at 10:58 today? Playing with my two beautiful little boys while someone else lost theirs. It makes me so thankful that today my friends and family are safe and alive, but also hurts my heart to know that another family lost a love of their life. Thank you for sharing the caringbridge website. Another family that needs strength and prayers to get through such a tough time. And THANK YOU for another wonderful message. My faith has gotten stronger bc of the words of wisdom you write about in your blog, my dear friend.


  3. Over a year ago, I ‘met’ Kyle David Miller – today would have been his 6th birthday. I love that little guy whom I’ve never met and he has made me a better person than I was. He gave me a passion and a cause and a family of new friends.

    I weep for Kaden (he is only one month older than my own son) and his family, as I often do for you and yours.

  4. I have become close to many children including Noah that I have never met through the cyber world. I only found your site a few days before Noah passed, and have followed you ever since. I am a praoud member of Friends Of Heroes, that is where I found your site. Through this organization I have followed many families and in a strange way although we have never met i feel a conection with them. I know that God has worked his magic through these children, becuase of them, i am now on my way to being on the Light the Night Committee, and a team leader for FOH. Noah touched my heart, and you have amazing faith and are an insperation.

  5. I feel the same as the others. Although I never met Noah, I feel as if I know him personally after reading his story. I can’t wait to meet him heaven and tell him how he changed the life of someone he never met! Thank you for sharing and God bless.

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