I know I’ve been MIA…I can’t help it. I’m totally smitten and loving it, but dreading it at the same time…Love is complicated. I’m also exhausted getting only 2 and a half hour sleep cycles in each night, but I know that won’t last forever. Here are things I love:

  • I love Ryan’s peach fuzz…it’s dreamy and soft and all over his sweet shoulders, his back and his sweet cheeks. I just can’t explain how much I love his fuzz…
  • I love that God designed him to fit perfectly with his soft, fuzzy head cupped in my hands, arms together, with his buns resting perfectly at the fold at my elbows…in this position I can smooch his face all over.
  • I love that my lips fit perfectly between his fuzzy shoulder and his sweet little ear.
  • I love when I stick my pinky in his hand he actually holds it…his brother never held my hand…ever
  • I love that he throws punches like a sailor in a bar brawl when he’s hungry…and when he burps and toots, he could easily beat out college boys in a competition.
  • I love that he smiles and puckers and smirks and pouts when he’s dreaming dreams of who knows what.
  • I love a lot of other things, too, like how much his daddy loves him and wanted to remember his life long friend every day for the rest of his life so blessed him with a great name like Ryan, which means “Joyous King” and a middle name like Everett which means “Brave & Strong”.
  • I love that his big sister is so proud of him and wants to hold him and change his buns and snuggle him…even though it’s been a big transition for her.

I’m not going to lie. I could make a list of what I hate, too. It’s been hard as hell. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, much like the Corkscrew at Cedar Point in Ohio. As much as I love being Ryan’s mommy, (I tell him that multiple times throughout the day, “I’m your mommy! I’m your mommy! I’m your mommy!”) I’m riding the fence of loving every single little thing he does and staring at every single little thing he does, hoping and praying that he’s not like his big brother…

The stress of little sleep and staring to make sure Ryan is okay every other minute have added up a bit and yesterday, as a result, I pumped a whopping 1/8 of an inch of milk, which equals about a half an ounce. Stress and nursing do not go hand in hand, though ironically, they go hand in hand, so I am trying to consciously chill out.

How’s that workin’ for me?

Well, I’m just taking one day at a time. I’m enjoying the peach fuzz. I’m trying to sneak in snuggle time with my girl as we all adjust to a new schedule. He and I are reading the Psalms and will head into Proverbs soon. I am taking deep breaths, allowing myself to cry and laugh…and just trusting that the love in my heart for my husband, daughter and son is enough to span a lifetime, but meant to be spent one day at a time.

That, I believe, is the most difficult part of being a mommy…the “one day at a time” part…

Em came into the delivery room very shortly after her brother was born. She held him right after Daddy did.
Exhibit A: Peach Fuzz
Em decorated the house and put up streamers that she wanted me to cut, like at the Chamber of Commerce. Pretty darn cute, I’d say!

He is literally just that sweet!

Em and I were cracking up, commentating what we thought Ryan was thinking…we’re going to make a video and post it…stay tuned.

My friend wrapped him up like little bunny foo foo.

The sweetest big sister eh-ver.

Em bought that little monkey for her brother when I first told her I was pregnant. She is pretty much the best big sister in the whole wide world. It’s been quite an adjustment for her, but she has been very gracious. I am really, really proud of her. I think she’s proud of him, too.



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  1. Oh Ade, he is SPECTACULARLY beautiful!!! And so wonderfully fuzzy, you’re right! 🙂

    And I know you already know it, but dang, does he look like his spectacularly beautiful big brother. I am sure it must be hard not to make comparisons.

    I’m so glad you posted – I know how much you need sleep, but I’m so happy to see these sweet images of your beautiful boy!

    I am sure you are all loving being a family of four under one roof again. Blessings to you all! Lots of love!! 🙂

  2. love the post, the honesty of loving so much it hurts. feel no condemnation in spending every minute with them. snuggle, sniff, cry, and love. it’s the way it should be. much love and prayers! he is a gem of great worth!

  3. Been thinking about you Friend. Enjoy your times and know that what you are feeling is normal, just breathe deep and love on those kiddo’s!
    I love the pic of Em & Ryan, she is SO proud (& grown up too!!)
    Love You!
    beth in brighton

  4. Adrienne! He’s amazing! I totally get your reactions. and they are all O.KAY! LOVE that you guys are getting acquainted and the Em is loving being a big sister. (My Em loved it for about 3 years… then she decided her little brother was just a pain… yah, she still does, almost 3 years later.. 🙂

    Blessings, love and prayers!

  5. mmmmm Ade . . . . your story, is the most beautiful love story I think I have ever heard and seen. What is SOOOO beautiful is watching God in the midst of your family. Whether you are feeling it at any given moment or not, God is, and has been right there in the middle of you all – with every breath you are breathing Ade. And, He is going to be there in the next moment and the next day and the next years to come. As we have the priviledge to know your story, we will continue to pray for peace, joy, rest and continued healing. All my love, Marci

  6. Thank you for sharing how you’ve been doing. You are an amazing writer and I’m so glad to be able to hear how things are going. Your family is so beautiful. What an amazing addition to your lives. Love you guys and we’ll be praying that Ryan continues to be healthy and grow up to be a strong, healthy boy.

  7. Oh, gee. He is SO amazingly cute and sweet and precious… if I were there right now it would be hard for me not to try and EAT him!!!! AAAAAAUGH!!!

    But the pain… oh, so sorry. I have no words… but I know your strength (through Christ) will sustain you. Much e-love being sent your way from T-town!

  8. Congrats and so happy to see this post. Ryan is gorgeous and so is your family. What struck a chord with me in this post was the amount of love wrapped up in, “I am your Mommy.” The essence of that is gratefulness to God. God has blessed you, I pray that your burden will lighten, fears subside and love continue to abound without fear. Be blessed and enjoy your babymoon.

  9. He is absolutely beautiful! Your whole family is! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and pictures. I can’t imagine how hard this is. It is hard being a mom of a newborn by itself! I will be praying for you.

    I had really bad supply problems and took “more milk plus” and it really boosted my supply.


    Sheri in Tx

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