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Looking a litte rough, but doing okNoah has been moved to the Pediatric ICU. Even though this sounds more serious, we are at peace since he is getting 24×7 attention by the best nurses and doctors.

The doctors have ordered a number of tests to determine what is going on with our little man. They are not expecting results for 1 or 2 weeks – maybe longer. So, we are in a holding pattern. Noah has some very positive signs – his heart, lungs, and spine are healthy. They are concerned about his strength – he was pretty weak when we brought him to the hospital, and has been on a feeding tube for 9 days. His lack of strength has affected his breathing, so they have put him on a c-pap. It is what they give to people with sleep apnea. It just puts a little positive pressure on his nasal cavity and keeps that more open.

Please pray Noah continues to gain strength and all the test results will be expedited. We are praying that Noah’s life will continue to blow the doctors away…there are a few “camps” trying to determine what is going on, however they are stumped whenever they try to lump him into one category. We know God is the Great Physician, that He created men and women and their minds, enabling some to be astounding physicians. Now we are praying that God will reveal to the doctors why our little guy is snoozing away in the PICU, weak and unwell.


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