Today’s prompt over at Lisa Jo Baker’s blog is “writer.” Each Friday she throws out a writing prompt and encourages writers to do what it is we do in our heads and hearts all the live long day: write. And that just for 5 minutes. Sometimes 5 minutes is all we have to do what it is we love…because not every writer is a journalist or book or blog author or copy writer or ever physically goes to an office where their job is to put words on the screen or scribe letters of ink on paper.

I loved her piece this morning on the cusp of her book release, one I’ll need to order asap. I had just had a quiet morning, one which did not include writing but instead reading, listening, and folding and bending and twisting with yoga. And I thought to myself, “I wonder what Lisa Jo’s writing prompt is today…” So here I am, blown away, yet not, by the way God answers sweetly my desire to be led by Him in this thing He has called me to, this thing called writing.

Please read her piece as it’s an encouragement of practicality, not just to write, but to do what it is you love and that for which you were created, in spite of laundry, busyness, work, relationships, and every other stellar, meaningful excuse. We’ve all been given gifts, strengths, talents, ways in which to express God’s love and creativity to those around us. These things are not ours to hoard, nor are they given for competition, but rather ways to express God’s love as well as to receive it from others.

However it is you’ve been designed, love yourself enough to do that very thing for at least 5 minutes. As a writer, I’ll spend mine writing.

Five Minute Friday

Head over to her blog and check out some beautifully inspired writers and their work.


Happy FRIDAY!!!!


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  1. Hi Adrienne,
    I love what you say about doing what we love and what we were created for. It is truly an expression of God’s love, and we do need to share it.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Lisa-Jo’s post was incredible and so was your post. What a blessing it was to read your words! Writing is a way (one of many) to show our love for our God and express His love back to His children. Thank you for reflecting His love with your encouraging words. I’m just popping by for FMF. I had to join in around 5 or so after a long work day so I am still enjoying lots of reading. I am glad I had the chance to stop by here. Have a wonderful weekend. I pray that the Lord will continue to reach out and touch your heart and others hearts with your gift.

    • Thanks, Kelly, for your encouraging words! I actually didn’t even do the “prompt” per se, but just started writing about her prompt, with every intention to write solely on the word “writer” but then I had written for 5 minutes and it was time to get the kids ready, so I just let it be my post 🙂 Funny how that works sometimes! The point being, sit in the practice of writing, because we are writers 🙂

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