This guy keeps me on my toes. He’s napping now which has allowed me this brief moment to post a few pics and random thoughts.

This is his cupboard.
See.  He actually sleeps in there.  Kidding, kidding!  But it is his cupboard where, if he’s not reading a book, throwing the dog her ball, trying to climb the stairs and walking around things, he’s pulling out the unbreakable contents of this designated cupboard.
This drawer, the napkin drawer, and by “napkin” I mean 500, was not a designated drawer…except we hadn’t put the latch on it yet, so Ryan found it and designated it napkin party central!
These are actually Jason’s shooting ear pluggy cover thingamaboppers, but Emily likes to put them on once in a while to drown out “background noise” aka, her little brother…Ryan just likes to put them on to look like a recording artist…or Bob the Builder…
When my little lover is contained in his booster chair, I’m able to breathe deep for the brief amount of time it takes for him to snarf down his food before he’s onto the next adventure.
I can’t imagine life without him!  I am so grateful God has allowed us the life we have lived thus far, the good, bad and ugly, in order to have met the kids we have, the one we don’t anymore, and to gain the perspective that even in the day to day mundane, there is beauty, laughter, and meaning.
Okay, except that wasn’t what I was going to post 🙂  But I’ll leave it at that.  Grateful.  Thankful.  Busy but with good stuff.  Finding joy in the day to day.  Asking God to lead me by His Spirit so I’m not just doing things to do them or to please others, but to glorify God and walk in obedience to Him.   
Yeah, that…


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  1. Adorable! Hey I’m not sure if I have ever commented before but I have been reading for a while. I was just thinking about your mom, how is she doing?

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