After my appointment today where I heard a sweet heartbeat and got to visit with Mr. Favorite Doctor, (which we are at 18wks in case you are tracking), I headed to the gym to keep up my girly figure. Mr. Favorite Dr. asked me if I had just worked out because of my all black polyester workout ensemble. I told him that I was headed to the gym after my appointment and then asked him the question I’ve been meaning/dreading to for quite some time.

Me: “Can I do the Bolder Boulder? It’s a 10k. I’m not going to run it but walk it to raise money for water wells in Haiti.”

MFD: “Adrienne, 100 years ago women walked 6 miles to town while they were pregnant. Yes, you can do the Bolder Boulder. Maybe I’ll do it with you…I’m training for a Trek.”

So, I document that so I can use it as leverage to try to get Mr. Favorite Doctor and possibly his staff to join the cause…I’ll work on him. But seriously, a 10k will be beans for a guy whose headed to Nepal to do some 14ers. Oh crap! I didn’t ask him WHEN the trek is…please don’t be at the end of August, please don’t be at the end of August, please don’t be at the end of August!

Anyway, as I walked my 3+ miles today on the treadmill, these are the random thoughts that went through my mind in no particular order:

  • Oooooohhhhh, how cute is that guy?! He’s gotta be like 85 or 90! I love that his cankles are bigger than his biceps! Way to go, Gramps! You go!
  • Ewwwwwwww, I can’t touch the handle grip thingies to take my heart rate because there’s old sweat on them…I’ve already walked a mile…will people notice that I am hopping off just to get sanitizer to clean the grips? Oh well, I don’t give a rip, I’m not a fan of others sweat on my body…
  • I have no idea how to read the Nasdaq. Half the monitors are on the financial news with Wall Street info scrolling the screen but I have no idea what the heck it means…
  • Oh my gosh! My heart is so sad! 38 Russians died in 2 Moscow subway suicide bombings! The bombers were women…stupid women, selfish women! Lord, please comfort the families left behind and draw them close to Your heart! (We spent 2 summers in Russia…we love the people there!)
  • Seriously! Do you have to groan and grunt when you lift weights? Is it really necessary? Is it?! Sheesh!
  • Oh no, Mister! Cutting your sleeves off your old 1987 t-shirt, ALL THE WAY DOWN TO YOUR WAIST, was never a good look, not in the 80’s, 90’s or today…no matter your abdominal status.
  • Where is that cute Grampa? That’s the key: Jason and I just can’t get lazy…we have to stay active…we owe it to our bodies and to our kids.
  • Why does the Spinning instructor sound like she’s sexually aroused? Seriously, lady, maybe that’s why your class is full of guys? Huh?! Tone it down, woman!
  • “Crabby Dick’s” Really? The name on the back of a guy’s t-shirt at the gym. Not so sure the girl from “Whip It” would have thought it was that funny…
  • OH man! I’ll never have triceps like that girl…why can’t I have triceps like that girl?! #$%^&*
  • Wow! I am so grateful that I am even able to walk this fast and far…thank You, Lord, that I am not on bed rest. I am thankful to be able to exercise.
  • Can my bladder seriously be that crowded already? I can hold it, I can hold it, I can hold it…shoot, can’t hold it.
  • Again with the badly cut armpit t-shirt…puh-leaze! Maybe I should bring some new extra large t-shirts with me next time and offer them to the guys that think that’s a good look?
  • Oh no you don’t have on zebra print pants! Classic! DUDE!

So, there you have it. That is what goes through my mind when I FORGET MY MUSIC AND READING MATERIAL at the gym. Next time, I won’t forget…although it was quite entertaining…



7 Responses

  1. I’m glad that you are so perfect that you have the right to judge other’s clothes, motives, and fell comfortable calling people “stupid”….

  2. Anonymous, seriously, what the hell are you talking about? I am not perfect but you obviously think you are to come here and judge me. Suicide bombing is stupid. There are so many other things it is, as well, but calling it “stupid” is soft, I’d say.

    And if you think that the motives of suicide bombers is anything other than that…well…wow, is about all I have to say to that.

  3. WOWZA. Anonymous… seriously??? I think Adrienne was just posting the random thoughts that go through one’s mind whilst one is on a treadmill… How did you get “wow i’m perfect and everyone else is a loser” out of that??? Geesh. Chill it.

  4. Perhaps the suicide bombers are following their religion just like you follow yours – just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean you have the right to call them stupid. You also criticized people’s clothing – well, maybe that’s all they have to wear – did you ever think of that ?????

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