Kelly Valentine Vasami!
Congratulations, silly girl!

In response to this picture:

Kelly wrote: “Their love forbidden, they were left no other option but to embrace through the glass that separated them….”

You, Kelly, have won this pair of earrings handmade by Adexoxox in honor of String of Pearls, a great non-profit started by my dear friend Laura who lost her daughter, Pearl. String of Pearls serves a perinatal hospice for families facing a fatal perinatal diagnosis.

And, I just so happen to know Kelly. We ‘met’ via blog world while my sweet guy was in the hospital. Kelly called me one day prior to us removing Noah from life support and said she would hop on a plane and come capture our last tender moments together. She got to the gate at the airport and they had just shut the doors! She was so sad! God worked out the details, though, one, because the photographer who did come and take our last photos was profoundly impacted by Noah’s story, and she didn’t even know about his blog, and two, because there was a horrible snow storm here at the time and Kelly would have been stuck otherwise. Then, one day, Kelly was heading out to CA for a photography workshop with a master of the trade and had a layover here in Denver. She called me and the two of us went and ate yummy Mexican food at one of my favorite restaurants. It felt like we had known each other forever. I love you, Kelly! Congrats!

If you live anywhere near Scarsdale, NY and are looking for a fabulous photographer, well, Kelly Vasami just happens to be your girl!


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  1. WOW! I am honored, humbled and amazed!! 🙂 Thanks so much Ade! I wasn’t even going to leave a caption because I couldn’t think of anything funny! Lol!

    Love you too dear friend, and thank you!! 🙂

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