I walked laps around my parents’ neighborhood, looking, hoping, praying for a sign…pleading for a miracle […]
Remembering you're still alive might be the most beautiful memorial you could ever offer after the loss of a loved one.
It’s been 5-6 years since we sent out Christmas cards, but it’s happening this year! WHAT?! […]
Remembering the writing and life of Rachel Held Evans
It was sunny and gorgeous, like most days in Colorado, but it was January and a […]
Ending gun violence begins before the gun is ever purchased, it begins before there’s a supply […]
My husband will press buttons on his keyboard… …buttons or tabs or keys he may not […]
Eleven years ago, it was bitter cold in Denver, Colorado. 2 or 3 degrees, if I […]
Here’s the deal: We moved to Nashville in August 2016 to an Airbnb we thought we’d […]
… Growing up with Bobby (Bob) and Bebe (Betty), we witnessed affection, heard loving words exchanged, […]
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