10 Things to Tell You

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It’s been 5-6 years since we sent out Christmas cards, but it’s happening this year! WHAT?! Here’s our last card: Ummmm, I guess it’s actually been 6 years. First observations: kids grow fast, some of us have more grays, I have less hair, WOW, Spain was amazing, how can our daughter be a senior?, and […]


A Bitter Cold Day in January

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It was sunny and gorgeous, like most days in Colorado, but it was January and a bitter cold front had brought in single digit temps overnight. Forecasters promised warmer days, but we wouldn’t see them for a while. The day had finally come for us to leave Children’s Hospital of Denver, a place our family […]


Taken for Granted: A Series on Grief

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Never in a million years did I imagine that this season of “The Graveswolds”, aka, life without a home, traveling some with Jason’s job, and basing out of my Dad’s house or my Mother-in-law’s house, was about me, so much. Sure, some of it…like the part where I’d be freed up of some grown-up responsibilities […]