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(Here’s a post I wrote yesterday at Mocha Joe’s (my hang out spot for the last 3 days) in Melbourne …it’s just a creative rant.) Friday, November 21, 2014 Today I woke up cranky. I’m not sure why, but maybe it was when my husband said, “WHOA!” when he saw my raccoon eyes, as I […]


November 3rd: Practicing His Presence

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There is a fight, but it’s not for your life, it’s for your beautiful soul. You are in a boxing ring, but you must know, you are not pitted against another person, nor are you supposed to be fighting yourself. The Devil, the very Enemy of your heart, is poised in the other corner, poised […]


Lessons in Perspective

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As I’ve been packing for this year of jubilee, a year of uncertainty and excitement and purging and dreaming, it has been a journey of memories, going through every drawer and cupboard, finding pictures and notes and mementos of a whole lot of life lived. And even in the living and losing, I wouldn’t change […]