Meanwhile, another big change that is coming soon is a radio show that I hope to launch the first week of June with my co-host, Gina Johnson, a spunky 20-something that will help keep this old lady lively! We’ll tackle all kinds of topics and we have a line up of guests and regular cast members that is sure to please, including Emily as “Little Kid”…since that’s what she is! More details to come, but we’ve been talking to the producer and are in the branding/advertising/sponsorship phase. Because it’s an on-line station, we can literally have advertisers anywhere in the world, so, if you are interested in sponsoring the show as a financial investment or even philanthropically, or if you want to advertise your service or business to a broader audience via the show and our up-coming web page, please let me know at We’ll be happy to send you information. We are excited because we’ve decided that a portion of what our show receives beyond the cost to produce will go to a charity that we all as hosts and listeners will sponsor. As a team, I know we can work together and make a great impact!

“The Well” radio show will air weekly for one hour, live, at the lunch hour, 12:00 – 1:00pm MST, on Thursdays at . The content will be rich! It’s a show on digging deeper for perspective in our lives, championing that each of us, EVERY ONE OF US, has a story to tell, and WE ARE ALL A BIG DEAL because God made us. I’m sorry, but I get so tired of only a few in Hollywood being seen as Big Deals when, if we would just look around us, or in the mirror, and see what God sees, we’d realize we are all special! (I get a bit passionate about this!) We will talk candidly about many topics, including the hard ones, and hope to raise awareness of many issues. We would want to hear input about topics you would like to hear. It won’t be a Christian show, per se, as we hope to reach a broad audience, but we won’t deny or candy coat our faith. We are excited about the line up of guests that we’ll have on to encourage and inspire anyone listening, with some surprises that many of you out there will recognize from ‘Blog World’. More changes to come…like, a lot more…



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  1. adrienne…
    i am so excited for you…for ALL of us women…to listen to what the Lord puts on your heart! i am so encouraged by you!
    i wanted to share a music artist with you and one of her song’s…she local nashville, tn. her song, “dig deep” reminds me of what you are after…what we should all be after. i hope you enjoy!
    where you can listen to it!
    good stuff! and on the topic of music…i don’t know if i have told you before, but thank you for sharing “noah’s music” with us here! i have come to love jeremy riddle and “enter the worship circle”! you have led me to listen..and i love! thanks again for all that you are and sharing your love for Christ with others. pray that i will always be “willing and ready” to do the same! God bless!
    shannon stinson

  2. Adrienne!! This is so exciting! I am so thrilled for you and for selfish reasons can not wait to hear your new show! You are going to be incredibly unbelievable, I just KNOW it!

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