4 thoughts on “Some Pictures from Down Under

    1. Hey Deland! I’m not sure if we’re “really doing it” but we are homeless and traveling 😉 I want to see where God leads us as a family and hope to be a vessel of His unconditional love to whomever we meet…like Jesus said, I’ve been praying God’s blessings wherever I’ve been planting my feet. His Kingdom Come! Give Fran a hug for me! xoxox

  1. Hi.Just wanted to let you know I have now figured out how to subscribe and I have. And happened to see the new, very clear, cool pics you posted. Just wanted to let you know that only one, the one After the pic of your husband I believe with a pot of mussels or something, is Not showing. So whatever you were trying is working. And by the note I see, if you are just out there and ending up wherever, I have actually thought about that too. Wow, that takes guts miss lady. And I love all your mentions of our Lord, who is the only thing we can really hold onto in the end.

    1. Thank you, Q! The subscribe component wasn’t working on my blog until recently, I discovered, so it’s good to know it works! Thank you! Hope you are encouraged here!

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