This is Jason. Adrienne asked me to post some pictures of my trip to bolivia. I am here learning about Compassion International’s Child Survival Program. We are working to crush the infant mortality rate in the 3rd world. Enjoy….

Dr. Benda – super child survival specialist
in home programming for mother/infant. example of physical development session. notebook in picture is used for charting progress of spiritual, cognitive, physical and socio-emotional outcomes.

indigenous mother and child survival beneficiary

view of the andes from the plane

incredible mother who’s life has been changed. she was incredibly depressed and hopeless (her words) having 4 kids (one with special needs). she now has hope and life and was very touched by the necklace I gave her from Adrienne.

Child beneficiary

mother/child beneficiary

I’ve met some amazing women with some pretty incredible stories. the value we place on a child in 1st world is not the same in the 3rd world. we are changing their cultural mindset. most of these moms have either had an infant die or know someone who has – mostly from preventable diseases. here in latin america, it’s diarrhea and respiratory infections – all preventable with a little education, training and not being afraid to go to the free gov’t clinic. I can say with integrity that some of these babies wouldn’t have made it without compassion’s intervention.



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  1. Thanks, Sweetheart! You are a blogging machine! I love the beautiful women and children of Bolivia! Can’t wait to go around the world together and encourage their hearts! Miss you! xoxox

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I went to Bolivia on a mission trip the summer after my 10th grade year(’bout 20 yrs ago –Wow!), and I regularly tell my children how thankful I am that I was able to go. That one and a few other mission trips absolutely shaped the way I view wealth and poverty. It was especially kind of God to give me that experience as a kid, b/c by American standards we have really struggled financially over the last 6 or 7 years (5 kids, one small salary). But we can honestly say, “We are blessed beyond measure.”

    . . .And also, my kids hear frequently about how we built a one room home for a family of 10, that was smaller than our den (and they thought it was luxurious!). . .Helps put everything in perspective, when we’re feeling crowded w/ 7 people in about 1200 sq. feet. 🙂

  3. Hello, Adrienne…
    I see your story…it breaks my heart…You´re sooo sweety family and a wunderful, beautyful Noah.
    I wish you all the best, everytime, everywhere.
    When I look to heaven, I think of Noah..A wunderful little person.
    God bless him.
    Many people in germany write for Noah. (Sorry, my english is terrible :o(….. )
    Best wishes from germany….
    Nicole and Mika 18 month

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