I can’t BELIEVE what came in the mail for me on Friday…

Uncle Sam, aka the IRS, sent papers congratulating me that the non-profit my friends and I started is officially tax-exempt 501(c)3 status! I nearly fainted! If some may recall, in November I was scurrying to send in further information for the IRS to process in order for achieve 501(c)3 status. Well, I got it in on time but never heard a word until the first of January when my contact there left a message on my answering machine at home. Well, if some may recall, I was a little busy the beginning of January, so later that month, after Noah was in heaven and I was back at home, I called and left a message stating that I had been busy with my son, that if they had further questions to please contact me, etc. I never heard from the IRS again…until the letter came in the mail on Friday, September 7, 2007. That was 2 years, 3 months and 2 days from the day they originally approved us as a non-profit.

So, in the next couple of months, we will be praying about where the Lord desires to lead us as a group. He’s shown us a few things this summer that are exciting and will hopefully make both spiritual and physical impacts on people’s lives here in the States and around the world. After a lot of prayer and brainstorming sessions, I’ll post more here if anyone is interested…

FYI: It’s called Bevy, Inc. A ‘bevy’ is a group of girls, which is what we are, and our desire is to use our gifts and resources for God’s glory to encourage women in need and their families.



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  1. Adrienne – The concept of your group has always intrigued me – I would LOVE updates on what it is you all are doing. Thanks!

    Sabrina Knudsen

  2. Conratulations Adrienne!Glory to God!!! How exciting!!! I wish I lived closer so that a could pitch in 🙂

    God’s blessings!

    Lisa Sauer

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