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Today at 5:30 Eastern Standard Time, Erin delivered Griffin Jacob naturally, without any need for induction…he died in utero. He weighed in at 12 ounces and measured 10 inches long. Erin said he has Jackson’s nose, George’s jaw line and a muscular build like a long, lanky basketball player (Erin has a great lean muscular build but she probably didn’t say that so she wouldn’t be bragging…so I added that part).

Erin was grateful that she was able to go into labor on her own. Earlier today the doctors did an amnio where they injected some sort of blue fluid and then waited to see when or if it left her body. It came out immediately, meaning there was a tear in her placenta.

She said she and the nurse and her mom have taken a lot of pictures because a photographer wasn’t available due to the quick delivery.

Tonight Erin and George will have a blessing service to dedicate Griffin Jacob to the Lord.

If you are interested in Erin’s contact information, please email me at: I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. She does not know how long they will keep her at the hospital.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Erin said she could sense God’s peace beyond measure.



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  1. Wow, she is one strong woman! I periodically look at her blog to see how things are going and have admired her strong faith in the face of some serious obstacles. She and her family with be in my prayers. cb

  2. ok, that sounded insensitive and i made a typo. I’m very sad that she has had to go through this loss – especially after the major struggles with her marriage. It just seems really unfair. I pray for God’s blessing and healing to her and her family. I also pray that this might serve to soften George’s heart and lead him back to his family. cb

  3. I am so sorry for Erin’s loss. It seems she’s been through so much these last few months. My thoughts are prayers are with Erin and her family at this time. How lucky she is to have a supportive friend like you.

  4. Adrienne, Please pass along to Erin that she is in my thoughts and prayers. I have been following her blog which I found through your blog and have also been talking to her by email. We are both going through difficult times in our marriages. I hhave no wonderful words to say right now, I am just so sad for erin. Please tell her I am thinking of her.

  5. Oh, this is so incredibly sad and yes, it seems so unfair. God, please use this to restore her marriage.

  6. Adrienne, please let Erin know that she is in my prayers and that I will continue to lift her and her family up in my prayers. She is very blessed to have a friend like you.

  7. Adrienne, please let Erin know we are praying for her here in Texas and will continue to do so. I am so very sorry for her loss. I am thrilled she has a wonderful friend in you. Gosh, she has been through so much the past several months. I am just so sad for her right now. I wish I could give her a BIG hug!

    Paula and Family

  8. I read the message about Erin yesterday, and shortly after I found out a friend of mine was headed to he hospital to deliver also. It befuddled me how (yet again) two women who are worlds apart, were going through something so similar, but so very, very different.

    Erin and the rest of her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. We will keep Erin and her family in our prayers. I am so very sorry for her loss, but glad she has such a strong friend in you.
    God Bless from East Texas

  10. My heart breaks for your friend. I am lifting her up in prayer. You are such a wonderful writer and an inspiration. I think people who have not experienced grief cannot understand some things. You are a blessing.


  11. On the day that one of my friends brought her little boy (ironically named Jackson) into the world, another loses her child. This world has so many seemingly contradictions for us who cannot see the big picture. May we all continue to trust in the big picture of God and lay our hopes on Him. I pray He continues to make His peace and love so incredibly real to Erin and her family. My heart achies for her loss.
    Michelle in CO

  12. Hey there Adrienne

    It has been a while since I have left you a comment, but I am going through the credential program and have been busy. I just read a few blogs I was behind on, and I am still just so touched. I will pray for your friend. As sad as it is, the Lord has his reasons. I will pray for her to see this and pray for her strength.

    Mary G.

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