My kid couldn’t be happier…we finally arrived at Nana’s.

July 3rd sunset at the lake

July 4th sunset
I have been too many places where I got too busy and forget to watch the sunset. Not this month! SD has wonderful sunsets, so every night, I’m going to capture it and post it. Life’s too short to miss God’s artwork in the sky. In Denver where we live, we can’t see the sunsets, so this is a treat where pictures really will speak for themselves.
We took a totally different route so there were no familiar landmarks except Gramps’ farm, which we took Em to 2 years ago. It’s a 100+ old farm.
Anyway, we enjoyed family time yesterday and are looking forward to lots more of it, and friend time, too. When we pulled into town, Em asked when we were leaving for England (Jason and I may go for his work, but not confirmed as of yet…). I told her I didn’t know if we were going. She said she wants us to go so she can be with Nana all by herself. Just call me, “Chopped Liver”, it’s okay!
Fiji update: My folks are loving their time there, meeting contacts and spending time with the nationals. They will be celebrating their 40th year anniversary in August, so they renewed their vows while they were there! They’ll be hitting the YWAM base in HI on their way back to the States.
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  1. We’ll be moving to Sioux Falls this fall… thanks for whetting my appetite. Now, to get the details taken care of… it’s going to happen way to soon…

  2. Love, love love the pictures! The sunset ones are so beautiful, but my favorite is definitely the family portrait from the hood of the car! Too fun!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Time seems to stand still when viewing something so beautiful.
    Glad to have to you in the neighborhood! Hope to see you soon.

  4. We are decorating a room in our house with sunrise and sunset portraits we have taken ourselves in our yard, at the beach, on a mission trip in Uganda. Wherever they come from, they are always beautiful! Great pics!

  5. Life is too short to miss all the GOD Moments we are given. Thanks for sharing….I know this 4th of July was special to me….watching the fireworks, being with a family that means a lot to me, just experiencing that after living out of the country for almost a year…….amazing.

    Keep meeting the Risen Christ in each moment of this time.

  6. You guys look like you’re having so much fun and it is So beautiful. I miss northern middle of the country sunsets.

    My friend who is in the hospital waiting for a liver transplant no longer needs one! He liver began regenerating last night and is continuing to improve so thank you for the prayers!! Currently her kidneys are 100% gone but God can heal those if he wants to as well. They will still keep her in a coma for now.

    please continue to pray for spiritual and physical healing!
    Chris K.

  7. i LOVE sunsets… God is so talented!

    food for thought… my dad is colored blind. While looking at a sunset from our back deck a few years ago, I realized that my dad can’t see all the colors of a sunset. Praise God when he gets to Heaven, his eyes will be able to see all colors!

  8. The pictures of the sunsets are beautiful! What great desktop backgrounds they would make! I hope you enjoy your vacation with your family and friends….safe travels!

  9. Ah…the midwest pictures are so wonderful – thanks for sharing!!! Brings back so many memories of growing up…. If your plans to come to the UK do go forward, let me know. I’m happy to drive over and meet w/ you if you’re up to it!

    Love and prayers from England,

  10. Love the pictures… love them, love them. I’m so glad for digital because I’m constantly snapping shots. :O)

    Beautiful sunsets, love the picture of Em in the field.

    July 3rd was my birthday and it seems God blessed both of us with some beauty on that day. Mine was in getting to watch the kids do a 4th of July parade at daycare and Will saying “Mama” for the first time.

    I hope you all are able to kick back the entire time and that you are soooo well rested and re-energized by the time it’s time to come home.

    Safe and happy journeys!

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