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Em and I have been housebound all week. Jason was in Texas (he just walked in the door and is reading Em a book right now) and Em had pink eye, congestion and a ruptured eardrum. Well, after a few days on antibiotics for her eardrum, we ventured out of the house late yesterday afternoon to run over to Dr. Julie’s office for a refill of the smoothie powder I drink everyday. She had just finished with her last patient so came out to hang out and talk to me…

Me: I think I’m perimenopausal.

Dr. J: No, you’re not.

Me: Yeah, I’m pretty sure. For 22 years I’ve been a 28-day girl and this month it was 21. I’ve been doing research. I have every symptom, especially forgetfulness…(slight drama in my tone…)

Dr. J: You are not perimenopausal. You need to switch from the soy smoothie to whey protein. It has built up an overabundance of estrogen because soy produces estrogen in your body. It’s pretty simple…

Me: So, my uterus isn’t falling out?!

Dr. J: No. Your uterus is not falling out!

Me: Okay, well, thanks. Have a good weekend…

So, Em and I headed home and made breakfast for dinner. I sat down to eat when the doorbell rang. I was on the phone with Jason so decided not to answer it since I am forbidden from making front door purchases. I figured it was a teenager selling magazines, so I kept talking to Jason. Well, the bell rang again. I peered through the peep hole and saw a petite teenager, just as I had suspected. I decided to open the door but with my phone in hand so that I could show the solicitor how very busy I was…As I opened the door, there is Emily’s babysitter…

Me: Oh, hi! Come on in. I’ll be off the phone in a minute…Jason, I have to go…

She pops right in the front door, puts her bags down and starts hanging out with Emily. Suddenly I realize that about two weeks prior, I had secured a babysitter for the night of the 21st while we held Bible study at our home. Well, Jason was out of town, one couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary, another was out of town visiting family and the other couple had already rescheduled for the 28th…

Still not knowing what to do since all week I had wanted to go out with different girlfriends but hadn’t secured a babysitter with a sick kid, I decided that since a babysitter at this household is a rare commodity, I had to seize the opportunity.
Because I was taken so off guard, it took me an hour to actually leave the house, and even then, I didn’t have a plan, but I knew I had some freedom, and baby I was taking it!

I told the babysitter I wanted Em in bed by 8:30 and that I’d be home by 9:30. I drove aimlessly for a few minutes until I decided that we needed toilet paper. So, on my one night of freedom, I hung out at Target for an hour and a half, buying toilet paper!!!!

Moral of the story: if you are getting forgetful, it may not be your old age…it may be that you are consuming too much SOY!



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  1. on the toilet paper, make sure you only use one square now.
    Sorry, that was the first thing that came to mind when i read you went for toilet paper.
    Glad you had a little quiet shopping time

  2. Makes for expensive toilet paper when you add in the cost of a sitter. =)
    Sounds like something I would do. I just came from Target this evening. I can easily waste an hour looking at stuff I don’t want/need. But it’s somehow relaxing at the same time. Hope Em continues to get better. And I’m glad your uterus is okay too. =) Have a good weekend.

  3. Oh Target rocks. I wish you would have bought something special for yourself during your solo shopping trip. Although toilet paper is pretty special. ;o) I hope you got the quilted kind.


  4. Ha-ha! Sometimes it amazes me that in 5 short years I’ve forgotten how to spend ‘alone’ time doing something for myself. It’s like, there’s so much that I want to do I’m not sure what I should do… therefore I do nothing – except maybe go to Target and buy toilet paper. Yup, I’m right there with you and completely understand. :O) Glad you were able to get out though.

    Today I got up with Will and turned on the TV to find it on Joel Olesteen and he was preaching about nothing other than not putting God in a box. 🙂 Of course my mind went to your post. It was a good message – today and on your post.

    Take care!

  5. I too have spent too much time at Target meandering aimlessly just because I had a sitter at home and knew I NEEDED to get out!!! Glad I am not the only one who has down that!!! I do love Target!

  6. That is too funny Adrienne!!! Glad to see that you got some time to yourself. I love being able to wander around Target with no kids and no husband. Although, I always spend about $100 more than if I had just taken the kids with me and got in and out with only what I needed! Hey, when are you going to be in Wtn. again?

  7. will soy get it to start again? I haven’t had one in 4 years. Adrienne, tell me what you used for your soy drink……

  8. I totally relate to your old eating problems, because I suffer from that. I also was catching up on your blog today after a while of being gone, and noticed the perimenopause comment. I have been thinking that about myself, at the age of 34, with the same symptoms. I am seeing my gyn on Thursday, but would love to hear more about your smoothies, Dr. Julie, and what you eat now. I can’t access your email for some reason from your profile page.

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