So, we did it…we marked our bodies to remind ourselves to pray for Noah. I had thought of waiting until Emily was 10 to get her ears pierced since that’s how old I was, but I copied my friend who had her daughter’s ears pierced to always remember her little sister Pearl who resides in heaven. Today was Noah’s 5 month marker for being here and I wanted to commemorate it. Em, her Nana, her Auntie T and I went to the mall and all invested in some new earrings. Tonja bought some “diamonds” to match Em’s, but the rest of us girls got pierced. Kaija was bold and went first, at the direction of Em. I’m sure her friends in Watertown are freaking out about now. She was very brave and looks quite beautiful with the new addition..Then Emily appointed me, but I hadn’t decided where, whether it was going to be a conservative choice on my part, meaning a second hole in my right ear to match the left after 16 years (split the cost my freshman year with my friend Stephanie b/c we were poor…), or through the cartilage on my upper left ear…I chose the left. Everyone said how much the cartilage hurts, but since it’s for Noah, I know it’s nothing compared to the pokes and owwies he’s had… Then it was Em’s turn. She decided against it, though need I remind you she bravely sat through staples in her head? Also keep in mind she hasn’t stopped talking about it since I shared the crazy idea with her a week ago. Then she decided for it. Anyway, the girl marked her ears with the marker and had another girl come help so they did it simultaneously. Great in theory…By the time we got in the car and then home and had a really good look, Em’s left earring was way off in Egypt, NOWHERE NEAR THE MARKER POLKA DOT, while the right was front and center. Jason called the shop and they said remove it right away and come back after 24 hrs for another go around. Removal was a HUGE ordeal! Em was bawling because she thought it would hurt. She wanted me to do it, then she wanted dad, then she wanted to leave it crooked…at one point, Jason came up from the basement with pliers in hand for the removal, like a scene from a sci-fi thriller! Finally, wedged between the two of us on the very stairs where staples came into the picture, Jason got the earring out, with his hands and all was calm…I wanted this to be a positive experience for my peanut, I even had offered and applied and removed lidocaine courtesy of TCH Denver, but she didn’t want it. Well, now my kid’s going in for a second piercing. Emily is excited because every time she twists her earrings, she’s going to pray for Noah. Though a botched job, it still accomplished what we intended…to think about Noah.

So, speaking of which, some small milestones have been made recently, like yesterday and today, by Noah… He has been stooling more and more on his own. This is a huge accomplishment. Then, he has regained his gag reflex which was gone for over a month and a half…WHY? Ask God! Give Him the Glory! He also continues facial grimaces which some of the nurses had never seen. And, my favorite…the tickles I told you about already…well, they continue and it’s just about as cute as can be! Tomorrow we’re starting Noah on a rice based food supplement that helps support digestion and decrease inflammation in the body. We had to wait a week to get this ball rolling because conventional Western medicine/dietitians don’t use this product and are unfamiliar with it…gee, that’s because for the most part, NOT ALL, they follow the FDA food guidelines and pyramid for direction on how to eat. If you look at the back of most vitamins or supplements at a health food store, it may not be “approved” by the FDA, but the entire natural medicine world has existed on these for years! Hello…if the food pyramid is so great, why is America in such a morbid state of health? Don’t get me started…Thankfully this month’s resident is a vegetarian from Berkley, so he’s all over getting Noah on healthy supplements that aren’t man made.

Okay, so this is extremely long…but I was praying through a lot of the prayer concerns from the fall and want to throw that out there again. I’d like to dedicate a lot of time of prayer in the next few days for whoever wants/needs it, so PLEASE email us so we can be in prayer for all of you as a family. Also, if you happen to read the comment of the person ahead of you, will you please pray for them as well?

Note to self for later post: peanuts and diamonds…



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  1. i’m right there with you on the whole food pyramid thing. gets my blood to boiling!
    I’m so glad you have a resident to affirm your healthy choices and to help expidite it!
    we’ve been praying as a family every night for Noah and you all as well- it’s been neat for my sons to have someone to pray for and to expect an answer- little Noah is bringing maturity and spiritual growth to many- he’s a little missionary and has never left Denver! 🙂

    thanks for asking about prayers for us… my husband is probably going to be offerred the job as the youth pastor at our church- a new church that has grown to almost 600 in less than a year. he’s excited, terrified and thrilled. could you pray that God will work out all the details- like insurance, and finances- my oldest has special needs and has to have health care.
    thanks Adrienne- we can fill incense bowls up in heaven of our prayers! we are all connected through HIM!

  2. Heather I will be praying for you. How exciting that your husband will have the chance to impact young people’s lives!

    Adienne, I will be praying for you and your family. Your wisdom has comforted me and your kindness is overwhelming.

    Please pray for my husband, Andrew, he has been ill for going on 16 weeks and we are struggling to find a solid diagnosis. Thank you.


  3. i split the cost of the cartilege piercing with a friend in college too. 🙂

    i’ve been off meds for wegener’s disease for just over 7 years – but some symptoms have never fully retreated. now it seems symptoms for wegener’s are slightly more elevated and we’re going to have to consider medications again. that is the short version…

  4. ps – forgot to add how darling your girl is… all the ears look pretty as can be. she was really brave – i love the idea that it reminds you to pray for noah – that is really really precious.

  5. Praise God for even the tiny milestones!!! I have a wonderful idea… for any of you that have followed this amazing family’s journey, I think we should send Emily a token to remember we are praying with her every time she does “the twist” Send her a pair of earrings.(Can you imagine all the different places they’ll come from!?!)Something she can share with Noah when he gets older. Anyway, even if no one else sends them, mine will be on their way for your bravery Em.

    As for prayer… I own a newer business in Watertown and it’s been an up and down journey. I’m in search for God’s perfect direction, even if it means giving up my dream. For not my will but God’s be done. Just pray for direction and that I would be sensitive to even the slightest whisper from HIM!!!

    Heidi Jo, I’m believing even as I type this that the Lord is beginning to touch your body and that NO medication will be necessary, that an amazing healing from the GREAT Physician is on it’s way!!! GLORY TO GOD!!

    Blessings to all of you…

  6. I just found your blog….I will be praying for your baby boy. I’m not sure I know what is wrong…I just know it must be very serious and I would like to come along side you to pray for you and encourage you.


  7. Oh! So excited about Noah’s “small” (but, really, they’re BIG, I think!) milestones!

    I had to wait 13 years for my first ear piercing. I remember thinking I would never be 13. What BETTER reason for Em to have to not wait so long!!

    Prayer for us? That we’ll seek God first, trust in HIM as a family, no get caught in trying to make our OWN way, you know?

    Thanks for the encouragement and blessings you send our way!

  8. I love the earring thing-how precious! I too split the cost of a second piercing with a friend during college-funny! I love the idea of sending earrings for Emily. Ade, your kiddos are just darling-I always love your pictures. We rejoice at the large and small victories in Noah’s health!

    A prayer request for us-Sam hasn’t felt well for about 6 months. The only thing that we have found out is that his Triglycerides are way high. Your prayers would be appreicated for direction and healing. I love this sharing of prayer requests-what a beautiful community is being established through Noah’s life!

    Blessings from MN,

  9. Emily’s ear piercing story sounds exactly like Brylie’s! We, too, noticed when we got home how one earring was totally off the mark and was told the same thing. The getting the one earring out was just as traumatic! All is well now and she LOVES having earrings. I think it is a great idea to send Emily a pair of earrings, ours will also be in the mail.
    I got goose bumps hearing about Noah’s progress. I am giving praise where praise is due! Thank you God!
    We really appreciate all of the prayers you have lifted up for Hunter. I would love it if you would continue to pray for his healing. Also, Robb and Rock are working on starting a new business venture and need some things to “fall” into place, so if you would pray for guidance and wisdom for them. Thanks so much for this prayer offering!
    I will also pray for you, Jennifer, that you will always seek God first and put all of your trust in Him.

  10. Thank you so much for the offer of prayer again. We finally moved, and to date there are still very few job prospects for me. I have given up all control to God (or have tried to at least), and only want what God wants for me. Please pray that only the right door will open and that I will have patience until then.

    Teresa, I will pray for Hunter’s healing and the new business venture.

    Amanda – I will pray for Sam – direction and healing.

    Thanks again for your prayers, I really appreciate it.


  11. oh this is so beautiful. I have ben reading Noah’s blog ever since a good friend sent it to me to pray for Noah. Now I read it to pray for Noah & your family…but I also read it because you inspire my heart so very much. So VERY MUCH. Each time I read you blog
    about Noah & Emily …I see JESUS.
    Through all you are going through
    I see the tenderness, joy and
    and love of Jesus even in the MIDST of the storm. YOU have ministered to me….. and with what your family is dealing with and what your hearts are enduring
    it should be the other way around.
    THANK YOU….BLESS YOU….you have touched my heart and I will continue to pray for Noah & your family. I would also like to send Emily a pair of earrings. I think that was a beautiful suggestion….
    what is more is I think the piercing to remember to pray for Noah is just so beautiful. I have a baby angel and each year when I send out my Christmas cards I use
    an little angel punch on the cards. Some people know what it means, some never notice…but it is really just for me to let my baby angel David know I remember him and love him so much.
    I wasn’t going to give a prayer request because I want to be here for your family & Noah with my prayers…but then I realize…that when you want to reach out to someone and they
    make a request…you don’t set it aside…you honor it…so I will
    honor the request for us to give
    our prayers we need lifted to the Lord. After all we all need prayers right!?!? I would like to have our prayer for a baby lifted up to the Lord. That I can be healthy this pregnancy…carry
    our baby to term and not have my blood pressure spike or turn to pre-eclampisa or full blown elcampisa. I would be so thankful for my husband & I to be held up in prayers for this. This too would be God’s miracle.
    My husband also is in the midst of
    searching for a new job. Please pray for that too. THANK YOU ALL
    and BLESS YOU!
    Keeping your family in prayer and all the wonderful people with prayer requests here in my prayers too. God’s blessings~

  12. I love the idea of sending Em earings. Where can we send them Ade? I love sharing your story/journey with my friends. I’m going to be teaching a series (bible study) on women of faith. Boy do I will I be using stories of your journey. Your faith is impressive. You are amazing.

    Still like the 40 inches of snow on the ground? I heard that the trash didn’t get picked up for 2 weeks Yuck!!! Just kidding.
    Keep warm and stay focused on the Groom.
    Love, Angie Adams

  13. I have been following your story all along. Even in the midst of the pain I find myself laughing at moments of family life with you. This post was priceless with Em. What a trooper she is! God bless her. I think this was a terrific idea and I think of your family each time I put my earrings in or touch my little diamonds to check if they are there. What a great time to offer up a prayer on your behalf. God finds ways to send us simple reminders to lift up His children. You are such an inspiration even in the midst of the flood and fire. We know that even when we cannot see or understand HE is there and He sees the BIG picture and will carry us through. We are standing in the gap with you.

  14. Adrienne, Todd and I have been quietly following your blog almost daily to keep up on little Noah and how you all are doing. I am constantly amazed and blessed by your faith and heart and how God has/is working. Depsite your heartwrenching circumstances, you all are such salt and light.

    We would love prayer for Todd to pass his surgical technologist boards tomorrow (Friday, 1/5) and then for God’s choice of a job for him.
    In hope,
    Michelle Howell

  15. Adrienne & Jason:
    Jennifer McKinney just passed along your blog to me, and I’ve been reading through your blog, both crying and laughing as I go through! Thank you for sharing your experience through this, and Emily is adorable!!

    I’m praying for you guys!!

  16. I love your request to pray for the person commenting ahead of you.

    Michelle, I’ll be praying for Todd today as he takes his surgical technologist boards. May God richly bless you both as you continue to seek Him.

    Shanel, I also am praying for you. May you sense the love of the Lord in your life in greater and greater ways. Blessings upon you.

    I too love the earrings for Emily idea. Should we send them to Children’s?

    Please pray that we (David and I) would live our lives fully for the Lord and that He would be glorified in all we do. Thanks!

  17. Adrienne,
    You are such an inspiration. What an awesome idea to pray for the posts…we should do that all the time (even if they don’t have a prayer request, just for their faithfulness, the Lord’s blessing, and His will for those posting). It is amazing how we are all connected through Jesus…all sisters and brothers, unknown only in the natural.
    Horray for Em…and for your cartilege bravery! And a great big hooray for Noah’s progress – praise The Great Physician.
    I’d like to request prayer for my 15-year-old son, Cody. He is heading down the “wrong path” and making such poor choices. It is heartbreaking to see someone you love so much bringing such unnecessary pain in their life, especially when they have so much potential.
    Stay strong, Graves family. We are lifting you all up in prayers regularly.
    Michelle Shriver
    (Got to update this year-old website, but it’s there nonetheless.)

  18. Hi friend!
    I too, had to take Annie, my little peanut, in twice to get the ears done right. It’s such a traumatic experience when they’re so little.

    We love you guys, think of you all the time and pray for you lots. Blessings and strength and peace,

    your old friends,
    the Zanders

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