So, since this is an unsolved mystery, I’ve joined the FBI to get to the bottom of it! Today while Em and I were at lunch with her buddies, the FBI stopped by Noah’s room. Literally. But they weren’t there to solve the case, they were bearing gifts! Noah got a hat that has come in handy for my day old hair and a stuffed deer or moose or something. Noah continues to fill his “ark” with creatures galore from passersby. They are quite helpful in propping up his arms and legs…The Harley Davidson crew came by last weekend and had gifts for every kid in the place, even siblings! Tonight there were carolers in the halls and I have to say that although we are at the hospital during this awesome season, I feel closer to the birth of Christ and the reason He came in the first place then ever before.

So, I have to admit that I am praying earnestly about something…actually going ahead with the brain biopsy. Jason was a bit more for it than I was, but I have to pray about it, and not just say no because, WELL, HELLO, THEY WANT PART OF HIS BRAIN! I can’t say no without knowing in my heart it’s what we are or aren’t supposed to do…The neurosurgeon came to describe the procedure tonight. It wouldn’t happen for weeks, so it gives me ample time to pray and it gives the docs ample time to figure things out prior to making such a decision…

Today Noah’s heart rate has been slowly creeping upward. Therefore, that means his temperature has been creeping, as well. The cycle is the big mystery. Noah gets a bad rash and then gets a fever, bad rash, then fever, continual diarrhea, and so on…The neurosurgeon said that one of the things they can only find within the tissue of the brain that they can’t anywhere else in the body is an amoeba that attacks and hides in the brain. Well, I have to take Em home for bed and a playdate tomorrow. The boys are here tonight. Until later…



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  1. adrienne-
    if someone wanted to send you a little something….. where would we send it to?
    if you’d rather email it to me- my address is

    thank you!
    thinking of you- love the FBI hat!

  2. I have never seen someone look so beautiful with day old hair and a FBI hat! And our little Noah is not looking so bad himself! We are here for you and we are praying for you! The Coward Family

  3. pcklAdrienne- We are still reading and still remembering you in our prayers. God has graced you for this time and it encourages me to watch you walk through your trial. It definitely gives me a much needed perspective check on the important things in life…so thank you.
    Gyle and Kelly Smith
    PS You are still a babe. Thirteen years, two babies and no shower even!

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