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Tomorrow (actually, this morning) Jason and I head downstairs to account services to apply for Medicare and Medicaid for Noah. Please pray for this process as we don’t really know what it all entails, if there’s a lot of red tape or politics, or if it’s a simple application process. I know we’ll need favor because in order to take Noah home, we’ll need a lot of government assistance for equipment and home health care.

Today when the nurses and I were giving Noah a birdie bath, Noah’s core temperature dropped to 93.6F. In the PICU they had “french fry” lights above the beds to warm the patients, but not up here, so we need a better system…Anyway, he and I snuggled in the chair after that with 4 layers of blankies and a heated blanket from the burn room, along with his snuggly pumpkin hat. His temp went back up to normal, but it took a while.

Anyway, the highlight of the day was enjoying a delicious donated meal with family while in the company of the chef herself, talking about her recent journey to Africa. We got to look at pictures and see the faces of people we were praying for during the trip. It was an especially great moment for me to watch Emily’s reaction to the stories and pictures. You see, every night for the last 2 years we have told Em stories about great adventures where she is the “hero” or Samaritan. They used to all include her Curious George, but the players have changed. Since Noah was born, the adventures always start out, “Once upon a time, Emily and Noah went on a great adventure…” and then we go from there. We usually go from continent to continent, mainly “visiting” orphanages, hospitals, strangers in the parks, etc. and we play with the kids, share whatever we have (food, toys, clothes), and always share God’s love with them. Seeing the pictures tonight gave faces to Emily’s imagination. As a result of hearing these “adventures” Em wants to go to Africa and play with children whose mommy’s and daddy’s have died and she wants a sister from China…Who knows what God has in store, but if it’s either of these, we’ll go. (She just found out her best friend’s “getting” a sister from China so she wants one now all the more. Though, I know from the application process, there’s NO WAY we’d qualify as a “stable” family environment at present…)



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  1. Hey Ade & Co.

    I’ve just caught up on the last week or so’s posts. It is a real joy to read your entries. (I know…that sounds odd…) Since I met you at ORU, you’ve always had a real sense of LIFE about you. Good to see nothing has changed, despite the challenges. Have fun ‘homeschooling’ Emily…sounds like it’s just what she needs!

    I admire you, freshly after every read I have. As we are expecting our first in May, of course I sometimes have scary thoughts. But your entries remind me that our God is in control, and that He is our strong tower and hope.

    Thanks for being a light!

    ashley thomas

  2. Hi Adrienne!
    I love what you shared about the adventure stories you make up for Emily. What an incredibly awesome idea! I wish I had heard that earlier, but its not too late for me to start. I want to implement that!
    Hugs to each of you,

  3. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I am still praying! I read this earlier and thought about you guys…. “God wants you to pass the tests of life so he never allows the tests you face to be greater than the grace he gives you to handle them.”

    Be encouraged!

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