This morning Noah’s bladder was enlarged to the size of a small orange. He had been urinating normally prior to today, but the docs said that at this point his brain is not transmitting the message to his bladder to empty itself. He had to be catheterized at 10am and just had to have it done, again, after 3 attempts, finally switching to a smaller catheter. The docs are still draining it, but it’s working. Jason and I are sad that they think it’s his brain not transmitting the message…

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys, too, that next Tuesday, November 28th, at 2pm mountain time, we will have a HUGE meeting with the neurologist, geneticist, ethics, nurses, social workers, AND ANY FRIENDS, FAMILY, NATURAL DOCS, ANYONE INTERESTED IN HIS CASE, are invited to come. It’ll be on the 6th floor of the hospital in one of the big conference rooms. Please pray about attending this and if you feel strongly about it, please come. We need ALL the support we can get at this point.

I’ll check in later.



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  1. I will be praying for you guys that day(well everyday really). I wish you peace and courage Adrienne. You are a phenomonal mother and wife and I just know that from your blog! Wow, you must really be amazing in person. Your family is so blessed to have you!

  2. Adrienne & Jason:
    I am a friend of your Aunt Diane’s. I live in New York. I have met your mom & Dad on more than one occassion (please send them my love too). My heart just breaks when I read the updates and see Noah. I know you have many many people praying for you. Please know that you have another family in NY for support. Love to all, and I just keep praying!!

    Jeri Soldner

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