Yay! Happy 5 month birthday to Noah! If this is your birthday or anniversary month, Happy Day to you, too! Every day is a blessing from the Lord. One of my dearest friends turned 50 the very beginning of this month. Whether you are 5 months or 50, celebrate, however, wherever, celebrate and know others are celebrating you, too!

Nothing new here, really. Noah is as cute as ever. The doctors still know nothing. The nurses still rock. Hospital living isn’t all that bad, but I know it won’t last forever! Jason and I are thinking of starting a Bible study here since we can’t really leave to do one consistently. Noah is very weak…he moves his left thumb and his head a little bit. His skin had cleared up beautifully while I was away but it is crusty again. I seriously have a theory, not feeling sorry for myself, but I think he’s allergic to me…I don’t know if that’s medically possible, but his skin gets worse when I’m around him, he reacted to my breast milk, when we were at home back in the day, he had a terrible rash where his skin was in contact with mine…

Anyway, I am thinking aloud, which is what blogs are for, but perhaps there’s something there…



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  1. oh, sweetie-Ade! I think that the best thing for Noah is being near you! I am sure that he is NOT allergic to you…maybe your lotion though! 🙂 We are so thankful that God is keeping your spirits up and that you are continuing to feel his peace.

    Ry amanda isaac and brenna

  2. Familia Graves,

    See that Noah is hanging in with his fight. We are proud of him. Mostly, we are proud of you and the dignity and grace that you have shown in this struggle. You have been a source of light and witness to so many people, especially the medical folks surrounding Noah. Medical professionals can be a hardened bunch, especially in the area of religion and faith. You are showing them the things that go far beyond the scientific mean. This is deeply needed. Thank You!

    Tell us about the idea of a Bible Study and perhaps we can help in some way, shape or form.



  3. This is going to sound a little off, but I’m going to say it.

    Could it be the Satan that’s trying to control Noah that is rejecting the God in you?

    Something to consider…

    Otherwise, there could be a biological reason. Kind of like me – if it says “all natural” I can guarantee that I’m allergic to it because “natural” stuff is what causes me so much discomfort. So, you just never know what could cause a chemical reaction in some people.


  4. Adrienne,
    Thank you for the words of faith and the continual teaching of God’s goodness in which you express in this blog. It is so uplifting to read about Noah every day and continue to find you and Jason together standing strong and always believing that Our God is in control. I only hope and pray that if I were facing the same situation that my faith and attitued would be as unwavering and strong as you two have been. You both are such an inspiration! I will continue to pray for precious Noah, the two of you, and your families!

  5. Mom & Dad,
    Call unto Him and He will answer you and show you mighty things you know not–things that have been hidden and set against your future,and things that have been hidden that could give you insight on how to advance in your life.
    Jeremiah 33:3 Paraphrase
    His promise is to answer!
    Love Cathy Ault

  6. Happy birthday sweet baby Noah! You are sooooo loved. Especially by God, who is so ‘whipped’ by all of us 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration Ade. It has helping me through a lot. Was having a rough evening and gave it up to God and he fixed everything. I just can’t understand how some people don’t believe in His existence?? It’s so crystal clear to me – the biggest analytical skeptic alive!!

    I remain so humbled to be chosen. Love you guys…

  7. I was re-watching “Joseph, King of Dreams” with my kids today and there is a song in it that just really spoke to me as well as to your situation.

    “You know better than I, you know the way. I’ve let go the need to know why. I’ll take whatever you supply, because you know better than I.”

    I know it’s simple. But sometimes God is simple. You guys are an inspiration in your faith, you don’t have the answers but you’ve given God your need to know “why” and He will supply the grace you need.

  8. Adrienne,
    Your sweet Noah and you and your husband and family are being prayed for every day. Jesus’ light shines through you in your grace and faith.

    A friend of a friend

  9. Daer Noah’s Family,
    I am so sad that Noah is sick. I pray that God will heal him. Noah, your angel, is a precious baby. I hope you are having a good day. Say to Noah; “Praise Jesus!”

    Mirim Yoon
    Fourth Grader
    Centennial Christian School
    Seoul, South Korea

  10. Hi, I am Sean from Seoul, Korea. I heard that Noah is in the hospital for almost 3 months! I will always pray that your baby, Noah, will be ok. Always believe in Jesus, that He will heal Noah!!!

  11. Dear Baby Noah,
    Hi! This is Jenny1 from 4th grade at CCS. We always pray for you Noah, but we don’t know if God heals you in some way. I really want to meet you face to face. I hope you will be better. I love baby Noah and the way you love God. I will always pray that God will now heal Noah and that his family will be blessed. God loves you!!
    Love, Jenny

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