Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, here’s my best friend, Mrs. D!
Molly was a beautiful bride! She enjoyed every minute of the day…no stress, just celebration, and it went off without a hitch! I was honored to be a part of such a special day. Jason and I danced the night away and laughed HARD with old friends from college. It was a blast! Molly had kept herself 36 years to meet this awesome man of God, so I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! What a testimony in this day and age! Before I left for KC, God showed me a diamond in the side of a mountain…how it isn’t gorgeous, yet it is the most sought after treasure on earth waiting to be formed with facets to show its radiance. He showed me that Molly wasn’t a diamond in the rough but a beautiful, hand crafted jewel in her Master’s hand. He showed me that Molly, during the last several years of waiting for a husband wasn’t sitting around waiting for him to come. She wasn’t pursuing a man but instead intimacy with her Lord, her Maker, her Jeweler. As she sought His Word with diligence, His will with abandonment, and His face with reverance, He increased the facets, causing Molly to be more and more brilliant as His light shone upon her. As a result, Stevie is reaping the promises of many scriptures, including Prov. 12:4, 19:14, 18:22, and 31:30.

One of the coolest things about this is the parallel to the Bride of Christ getting ready and preparing herself for the Lord’s return. Are we sitting around, waiting for Him to come get us, or are each of us allowing ourselves to be molded in the Master’s hand, preparing our hearts for that Awesome Day? Only God knows the hour, even the Groom waits for the unveiling…
This is Stevie, Molly’s man of God. This was on the way to the church. He is SO in love with my best friend! He’s from a wonderful family that loves Molly to pieces. Jason and I were so humbled to meet them and find out that they have been praying for Noah’s healing along with all of you. Seriously, meeting Molly’s extended family, Stevie’s family and all of their friends that have been praying, you know, putting faces to the comments, was overwhelming at times! Thanks for all the prayers while I was away…I thought about Noah but never once worried or had anxiety. It was a Beautiful Day! Posted by Picasa



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  1. You’re back, hooray!! I’ve missed you! I love the truth you spoke in this post. I can only imagine how powerful the love those two have for each other and for God was on their wedding day. What a gift.
    And, girlfriend, you are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. What a great celebration! I am so thrilled for M. Have wondered several times where she is and now such excitement for her. So glad you two have stayed close over the years. Isn’t God good to give us such great christian relationships that support and give great laughter. You both look gorgeous! 36 never looked so good!!


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