Did I ever tell the story about the night Noah was born? Noah’s night nurse came by in the morning to say goodbye to me after her shift. She told me that she had been a nurse for 25 years and due to the busyness of the job these days, she wasn’t able to hold babies very often. She said that during the night she was walking by the nursery window and saw Noah sleeping soundly. She had this uncontrollable urge to go hold him, so she went in and held him for 5 minutes. She told me that she had never experienced such peace in her life than when she held Noah. I explained that Noah meant “peace”. She asked me to please tell Noah when he was older the story of the nurse that had peace holding him the night he was born. I told him right away and cherished in my heart the fact that God was using our little man, even on day one…

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  1. I see your pictures of Noah and I see that same piece. I have 2 boys of my owne (2 and 9 mos.) that I love and adore. I walk by other people’s babies all the time that are cute … but Noah has just reached through cyber space and totally grabbed my heart. He really really is precious and such an amazing gift from God. There is such a peace in his eyes. It’s like he oozes child-like faith. Maybe that all sounds hokey… but that’s what I see. He truely is special.

  2. What a gift from God!!! He is changed so much and grown so much since I last saw him. The moment I saw these two pictures all I could keep thinking is that this is one special little boy brought into this world to impact it in a profound way.
    Love and prayers,

  3. STOP MAKING ME CRY!!!!!!!!!!!

    A few years ago I started describing my tears as “the language of my soul.” I’m rarely a woman of few words, but even I have moments when I don’t know how to say what I’m thinking or what my soul is feeling. Or, the intensity of what I’m feeling is so immense that I can’t focus on just a FEW words to express myself.

    This whole journey with you guys has been more of the latter. Isn’t it flippin’ obvious what needs to happen? And NOW, already???

    But, we wait. And we continue to pray. And our spirits weep because of the mystery of it all. Thank God for the variety of the gifts of communication, for our senses, for our minds, and, most of all, for his salvation and grace.

    So, thank you for the tears. And may each one go towards the plea for Noah’s healing once and for all.

    Loving you,

  4. I never realized how long a day was until I started reading your blogs and waiting and wondering how things are going. Or how long a week is until you tell about waiting for test results. Noah’s life has touched me in ways I can’t even describe and I thank you so much for taking to time to update all of us who have never even met you but have fallen in love with Noah and your family just the same. Thank you for the photos which go directly to our hearts and sustain us until we see more.

    God has huge plans for this little boy and his family! I can feel it. Hang on to the faith and keep the trust! You have taught us such strength.

    God Bless from Nebraska

  5. I am praying for you all everyday and know that the Lord is in control. I miss you all very much and send my love and prayers.
    Do you think that the rash that Noah is getting is caused by the medication they are giving him? It is just a simple thought, but they don’t know all the reactions and side affects that medications can cause. Was the rash as bad when he was off the meds?
    Know that I think of you all everyday and would love to be there and hug and kiss you all. God bless.

    Much Love and Blessing,


  6. The days are long, just waiting to hear about your little Noah. I am amazed by the strength and fight of your family. I wish there was something more I could do or offer. Know that my prayers are with the four of you and your family, and those taking care of Noah, physically and spiritually. (I was asked to pray for you guys through a friend).

  7. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I am so touched by your families strength. You guys are such role models. I am a nursing student at South Dakota State University and I am so touched by your blog everytime I read it.

  8. I feel your confusion, anger, excitement, sadness, fear, strength. At the birth of our first baby, we experienced a (much, much shorter) period of time in which the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with our new baby. When she turned the corner to recovery, the medical explanation we received was “it was as if there were angels in the room and she suddenly started getting better.”
    We pray for those angels to surround Noah. I will always believe it was the prayers of so many that saved our baby and am so thankful how such a little girl who couldn’t speak completely changed me, my faith, and my dependence on God. It’s easy to see how Noah is doing that for so many.
    Our prayers for all four of you will not cease.

  9. Sweet baby Noah, why are you so sick? I have been following your story since just about the beginning, at times almost addicted to reading another update. I have 2 boys who along with their daddy are my life and to say that my 8 month old went through a small fragment of medical issues at birth in comparison to Noah is an overstatement. I am in awe of you, your family, your peace, your fears, your love, your heart. I don’t know you personally, but I just want to fix everything for you. SO I PRAY…and pray and pray some more.

  10. I am a Christian, and a nurse. I stumbled onto your blog today, and while I read enough to see that Noah is now with Jesus, I went back and started at the beginning and read every word. I wanted to just interrupt my reading for a minute and thank you for this entry about the night Noah was born, and the nurse that held him. I’ve had tears in my eyes for most of your blog, but out and out sobbing for this one. Thank you for touching my life in an unexpected way. I’ll be bookmarking your site and checking back often. I feel like I know you!

    Thanks from Fergus Falls, MN,

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