(Notice Noah’s clear cheeks! They are clear now, too!)
Noah spiked his highest temp this morning at 103. He has vomitted twice and just had a major colon blow. They had started him on an antibiotic for the staph infection in his trach, but obviously that’s not the right one or he wouldn’t have a fever. They are starting another heftier one today, actually two. They took blood, spit and urine to culture to see what is growing…they are going to consult infectious disease for virus analysis, ie. West Nile, Lyme’s, etc., though they have said they don’t think he has those…I’m not really interested in opinions at this point, I am growing tired of them…

I won’t rant and rave, I praise God that He is the one sustaining Noah’s life. The docs are doing what they have been trained to do. We trust God with Noah’s life and wait on Him alone for direction. I sent off his second stool lab test today and will be requesting our own blood draws today. Those will be overnighted to labs across the nation for analysis. Thanks to our dear friend, Mr. Goodman, Noah has more blood from which to draw.

Jason has people in town this week for training, then he heads out Weds thru Friday for work. Auntie Ashes will be here all week to help me with Em and Noah. Thanks for your prayers and constant encouragement. From Jude: May mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. Posted by Picasa



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  1. My heart breaks for you… I am so glad that you can see the bright spots, even if they are few and far between, like getting out with your hubby and having a “real” quiet time…

    Praying that answers will come soon… and that Noah will only have an incredible testimony when this is over…

  2. I just want to yell, DAMN IT!!!!!!! I know that’s not a necessarily “good christian” response, but man! Sounds like I need to up my talks with the Devil and throw around Jesus’s name a bit more.

    May you remain steadfast in your commitment to pursue other possibilities and your ever-growing hunger for answers and resolution. I, for one (and I’m sure countless others), will believe with you for that.

    Livewire from T-town,

  3. although you don’t know me, I wanted you to know that I read about you and your family on a regular basis…we seem to have a tendency to take things for granted at least I know that I do and when I read about what you and your family are going through it really makes me stop and put it all back into perspective…I keep you and your family in my prayers and wanted you to know what an inspiration you are with your faith.

  4. I also just wanted you to know that you have people all over the world praying for you and Noah! I am a missionary in Brazil and a friend told me about your site. I check it regularly and I am praying for a miracle. Noah is absolutely adorable…so beautiful! I can’t imagine what you and your family is going through, so I just keep praying for God to give you the strength for each day and for you to continue to glorify Him in your mission field (aka: hospital). Give Noah a kiss on those adorable cheeks for me!

  5. I think you will love Dr. Deterding. We have a long relationship with her and adore her. Frank, honest, very sharp, compassionate…the best combo in a doctor.

    If you need any help with Noah, especially with my Peds RN expertise, please do not hesitate to contact me via Laura H. I have a “team” doing our own private research on his condition…hoping collaborative minds will find an answer for you.

    And, as always, praying for him.

  6. My goodness, he gets cuter everytime you send pictures. We are praying daily for him. What a precious gift. I can’t wait to see his testimony come to fruition. We love you –

    Angie Umfleet

  7. What a precious picture!! We won’t stop praying…we are holding your hearts close. Praying for more peace and more answers!
    Love to all of you,
    Laura and co.

  8. Hey Ade, Jason, Emily & Noah,

    I’ve been thinking of and praying for y’all so much lately.

    You have such a beautiful, ever-growing heart. So proud of y’all.

    ashley thomas

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